Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sweaty Sunday

It is so humid out today!

I started Rivendell socks the other day after I went to the yarn store for a class and picked up this yarn. I had another yarn in my stash for this pattern, but I thought this colorway reminded me of birch trees and such so I thought it would work well for this pattern. This photo doesn't show the stitch definition well so once I am done I will take another photo with them on so that the pattern can show.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not much news on the knitting front at the moment. Our echinacea is blooming nicely though. I got a few photos including some baby bees!

I am still working on my Firestarter socks and will finish those for July. I also started some gloves for my friend in England so that they'll be done by Winter. I started the ribbing but think I will cast on again, one stitch didn't cast on right and its noticable now. Will post photos of that once I get some done.

I am taking a class at my local yarn store this Tuesday on designing your own socks.