Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sleepy Saturday

I've been picking up extra shifts at my part-time job since the woman who works the opposite weekends gave her notice. Since we are trying to buy a house in the near future, this was the perfect time for the manager to ask me, hahaha!! We've seen a few properties so far, one of them is doable, but a little smaller than we'd like so we're keeping it in mind, but looking at other things. Some of them were downright nightmares - mold, cracks, death traps, LOL!

We don't like living here, for many reasons I won't go in to at the moment, I haven't got all day to list them, and now some of the biggest "rule-breakers" and nuisance people are banding together to form a tenants association ... give me a break!! We want out even more now!! I told my boyfriend I was going to start packing now, and he said, well if it works as therapy for you, hahaha!!

I've been working on the baby blanket, the shower at work is June 10th so I better light a fire under my butt! With house hunting I haven't been getting much done for knitting! I did bring this with me to work and will for the next two days and hopefully get most of it done.

This is the newest addition to our family. We adopted him in March. Nikoh has a lot of personality and is a joy to live with, he makes us laugh all the time!!

I may be teaching a knitting class at the local technical high school in the Fall. I've been in contact with the organizer in Jan. and just emailed her again to touch base and let her know I was still interested.

I am participating in Sock Wars, but I am not thrilled with the pattern. It wasn't written very clearly and I had some trouble with the stitch pattern repeats, then went online and saw that I wasn't the only one. Its dissapointing that this is supposed to be a fast paced knitting competition, but some people can't even get through the pattern. I do have one sock about half way done, but am not very motivated to finish it too quickly.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wow its Wednesday

Haven't posted in a while, really no pictures to show. I have to get moving on that baby blanket, I do have more done since the last update here, but I found out the baby shower at work is June 10th. At least I chose Garter stitch, so shouldn't take too long to finish. I am also working on my Sock Wars socks and hope to get those done before I get gunned down in battle, LOL!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Firestarter

This is my frist Firestarter, I chose this yarn specifically for this pattern. I like this yarn, not sure if its the yarn or how it was wound (because I know the lady at the store was new and had a lot of trouble with the swift) but I keeps tangling in the ball and I have to cut and attach a new strand - after getting frustrated enough to cut once I try to untangle for several minutes.

Other than that, I am loving this pattern. Its a little confusing at times and I've had to un-knit a few rows and start again two or three times, but I think the second sock will go really well.

I was worried the sock may be a little loose, but the gauge averages correctly and I think once the leg is done with ribbing it'll hold up on my leg and take up the slack in the heel that's there now.

I did Judy's Magic Cast On for the toe instead of the provisional cast on called for in the pattern. I like this toe alot, its very clean and looks much nicer.