Monday, November 26, 2007

Swap Goodies!!

I got this Nature Spun Sport yarn in my first SP 11 package and it was the same gauge for a pattern I saw for socks. I made these socks for a friend's boy that I will send with her Christmas Card. They are child size 2-4 years and he'll be 2 this January so I hope he gets a lot of use out of them :o)

I received my Hogwart's Scarf Kit Swap from Mary today! She sent some cool yarn, a nice tote that she made, Ravenclaw colored pom poms, needles, some Harry Potter Trading Cards, stitch markers in a case that'll be great for holding notions, and some Harry Potter themed pins. Thanks Mary!

I also received my last SP 11 package today (imagine my excitement when I saw three packages on my porch today - I ordered some xmas gifts and those came today too!). I opened the card first and saw it was from another party I took a photo of the stuff as received so my pal could see, it was nicely wrapped and packaged :o)

I received the most gorgeous sock yarn from Sunshine Yarns, which I actually have bookmarked for a future purchase, which means I really liked the yarn I saw to begin with, LOL!!! And also and an awesome needle roll in my favorite color.

Here's the inside of the needle roll, can't wait to put my needles in it, it will certainly come in handy and its so pretty too!
Thank you Secret Pal!

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Anita said...

Lots of great goodies there!! What cute socks, sweet gift!