Saturday, December 1, 2007

Waahooo its Chilly Out There!!

It is so cold out there today. The temp is in the low 20s and it was really windy out there today. I started out this morning by going to the yarn store with the intent of getting some knitting done, seeing the ladies and maybe picking up a skein of Encore DK to make more Harry Potter Weasely Sweater Ornaments.

I went to the yarn store, met a nice lady who is also addicted to socks, did some knitting on the socks I am trying to finish, picked up the Encore DK ... and some Jo Sharp DK on clearance (who can resist something for $5 that is usually $8?!?!) and some Eucalan because I hadn't seen it in a small bottle for $5 before so they must've restocked it. I will need it once I actually finish a pair of socks and get to wear them, LOL!

And my biggest confession ... a skein of J. Knits Superwash Me Sock yarn in "Kansas" ... oh what's that you say, "What happened to your self imposed yarn diet?" oh um ... I'm so naughty!! I just couldn't resist the yellows, purples, orange ... it was just too bright and cheery on this super cold day. So yet again, I have broken my self imposed yarn diet. I guess in order to actually not buy yarn ... I must not go to the yarn store, because as I already knew, I have absolutely no will power when it comes to this fetish, I mean addiction ... oh wait, its only a "hobby" right?!?!

So after that I was good and left when I was supposed to and went to work to get some overtime hours in. Then I came home and watched a movie that I rented, that I had seen previously ... duh!! It was pretty good though, I didn't remember seeing "Bean: The Movie" which is an older one, so I rented it, because I am a big fan of Mr. Bean ... and then realized that I had in fact seen it before!

I recently read "The Mist" by Stephen King, which is a short story that a recent movie was based on. It was very good. I also read a few others in Skeleton Crew which is a collection of several of his short stories.

Yesterday at Wal-Mart I picked up "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman which is a trilogy compiled into one book and includes "The Golden Compass" which is also a movie coming out next week ... do you see a trend here?? I will always read a story or book before seeing the movie ... that is if I know before hand that something was based on a written work. Wal-Mart has some really good deals on books by the way! This book was listed on the cover as $21.99 and I got it for $12.97!

Well I am off to go knit more sweater ornaments so I can actually get them out to people for Christmas!!

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wildflower38 said...

Hi Angela!

I read King's The Mist back in the 90s. Since then every time it's foggy, I think of that story. I always think a pterodactyl going to come swooping down from the sky. I'm not going to see the movie.

I love the sock you're making. I like the short rows. I had such a problem with the first pair of socks I knitted using them. All those wraps bugged me. I used the different type with the socks I'm knitting now. It's so much better.

Cheryl We