Friday, December 7, 2007


It sure is TGIF this Friday! I was super busy at work this week, with one person out and I am the only other on our shift qualified to complete certain jobs. So I am glad this week is over!! I am ready for some rest and relaxation and KNITTING! I also have to get my Christmas cards done this weekend, I had hoped I would be done by December 1st, but that date has come and gone.

Here's some of what I have been working on:

I am making some men's size house socks for my boyfriend in Patons Classic Wool, color Forest. I am using the Magic Loop method and the pattern that comes in the booklet from Fiber Trends.

Here's the progress on the socks I am making for a co-worker, one down and I started the second one. I got the cuff done and started the leg. I would really like to have these done by Christmas. I bought the yarn (which she paid for) back in July ... I didn't realize it was so long ago!! I took a few classes since then so I was busy knitting projects for those and put these on hold. Well I am sure she would like to enjoy her socks while it is still winter!

I would also really like to finish up the November Mystery Socks by December so that I can qualify for the prize drawing for the group on Ravelry. So far I have one sock past the heel and working on the gusset decreases. I am hoping the second goes much quicker now that I am familiar with the pattern.

I got one more ornament done so far. I was hoping to do several, they don't take too long, only about 4-5 hours each, in the knitting world that's not long at all! But with everything else I am trying to finish I'm not sure I will be able to get all the ones done that I wanted. This one is going to my friend in England who I chat with via email a few times a week:

To answer Charity's question, so it doesn't get lost in the comments:

"So here's a conversation starter - lets say you signed up for a swap and it didnt go well or what arrived in the swap was pretty BLAH "wwad" - what would Angela do?"

WWAD, LOL!!! That's a good topic for discussion. I have been pretty successful with swaps so far. Generally I would not hold a blah package or something I didn't care for against the swap itself, that's the individual who sent it and everyone has different tastes and likes. I would probably do the swap again if I liked the theme itself and the contests and such related to the swap.

Generally I am not displeased with anything that is a gift, unless it was something completely opposite or something I specifically mentioned I did not like on my blog, then that's just careless for the person sending stuff, they are not paying attention. I try really hard myself to read questionnaires and the person's blog itself for a few days of posts and make notes to keep in my purse when I am shopping so that I avoid unwanted stuff and keep to the things they like.

However, if the "not going well" part was due to the organization or lack thereof from the hosts, then I would not participate in that swap in the future. I know life gets in the way of these things sometimes, but if it happens more than once and/or there is no explanation or heads up, then I would steer clear of things involving those same people in the future.

And here's a question for you - I saw on your blog you were an extra in Young Guns ... I loved that movie. Was it the original in 1988 or the second movie? How did you get to be an extra? Details please!!


CharCharBinx said...

Morning ! :)
I think this would fall into your very awesome answer of *not paying attention and careless* I would never say something to hurt anyones feelings because a gift of yarn is a gift and we will always find something to do with it right!

Thought it was a great topic starter for bloggers :)

SO Young Guns was filmed in various locations in Arizona including the outskirts of Tombstone (yes its a real city lol) and Old Tucson which is a sound stage that filmed Little House on the Prairie and John Wayne greats. My drama teacher at the time was married to someone involved - but got our class out on field trips to audition she actually worked it into our grades. Several of us made it. Some of the *in town* scenes you see where there a people walking by not all those people are adults. Children are always cheaper in film ... lol especially when they are doing it for grades! I will leave this hint.. in one scene there is a braided blonde idiot that goes running across the street... in front of some horses and coaches. lmao

Angela said...

Cool, I will have to keep my eyes out the next time I see that. I've seen it about 12 times, but its on TV sometimes. I had it on VHS, but not sure if it is still around.