Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's almost the new year!!

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m keeping this list fairly simple so that I can actually accomplish the things on it :o)

  1. I recently got a raise amounting in approximately $20 more per week. I am going to put this $20 in savings each week either for emergencies or towards moving (let’s not get into why I hate my neighbor or why I think there is a vortex of Evil situated only over my unit).
  2. Create a list of months and gifts to hand make (mostly knitting and cards) for the upcoming year.
  3. Clean up file cabinet and be more consistent with dealing with incoming mail and papers on a regular basis.
  4. Stretch, yoga and meditate regularly.

Here's my Sock Yarn Stash List:

1. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Peacock Multi - Magic Loop
2. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Meadow Multi
3. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Pine - Vinnland
4. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Dusk
5. (2) Knit Picks Memories - Uzume
6. (1) Opal - Jaywalkers
7. (1) Trekking XXL
8. (1) Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox - Fruit Salad - Purl & Lace Socks Knit 'N Style
9. (1) Socks that Rock - Fire on the Mountain - Eleanor
10. (1) Smooshy - Ruby River
11. (1) Art Yarns
12. (2) Regia - Horcrux Socks
13. (1) Sockotta
14. (1) Cherry Tree Hill - Maple Sugar - Fawkes
15. (1) TV Yarn - Meduim
16. (1) Tofutsies - Peppermint Twist
17. (1) On Your Toes
18. (1) Universal Yarn Wisdon Yarns Marathon New York
19. (1) TV Yarn - Bride of Frankenstein - Bellatrix
20. (1) Sunshine Yarns - Wildflower
21. (1) J. Knits - Kansas - Firestarter
22. (2) Knit Picks Pallette - Sky
23. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Carbon Twist
24. (1) Knit Picks Essnetials Volcano Twist & (1) Black for Bucanneer Booty Socks
25. (1) Tofutsies

As we can clearly see I have more than enough skeins to knit not one, but TWO pairs of socks a month for the next year! Do you think this will stop me from buying more?!?! Nope :o)

I think I finally caught up on all of the TV shows that I had taped on Wednesday evenings while I was taking classes or attending stamp club! It was quite an accumulation considering there were three shows on that I was taping! I was watching Life, Bionic Woman and Pushing Daisies. I finished the tape of Pushing Daisies today and then caught one that I had missed taping on the ABC website. I love that many shows are available on the internet now! Really helps if you forget to set your VCR and don’t have TIVO or some other digital recorder.

Now I am patiently waiting for the shows to return. Prison Break comes back Jan. 14th following a new show Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles on Jan. 13th. Then Torchwood comes back on Jan 26th. Don’t forget Monk on Jan. 11th! I’m sure Psych is right after it as usual but I haven’t confirmed that yet. Not sure what is going on with 24 for the new season, if you have news please post a comment.

Knitting Gift List

January – Derek house socks.

February – Anthony size 1-year sweater.

May – Marion socks.

My friend in England sent me a magazine that I asked for “Simply Knitting” it’s a U.K. publication and I found in it (among other things) a great website with sock tutorials. I already know how to knit socks, but I love finding this information to pass on to other people or brush up my skills on different techniques. Silver’s Sock Classes

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