Monday, December 10, 2007

Nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow ...

... will stop me from getting to the post office ... and I wasn't the only one, LOL! It was quite busy there today, tis the season. I did my Christmas cards this weekend and ran out of stamps, so I had to get to the post office to get more, also wanted to mail out the ornament to my friend so that she would get it by Christmas. We had very slippery conditions here this morning, but by the time I left work and ventured to the post office it wasn't too bad.

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap Topic
Cheryl and I had a convo about short row heels and socks and I’ve been back to visit her since and see what she’s up to :o)

I found this great Article on Jogless Traveling Stripes - there have been a few projects, some socks that I have not tried tackling because I do not like the way the stripes line up with each other. Also I have found loose joins, etc to be a problem.

Ever wonder what those symbols on yarn bands are for? Some are self explanatory, but others not so much. I found a great link with pictures of the pictures (that make no sense to me on the yarn ball bands) and descriptions of what they mean!

Weird thought for the day, ever seen a "glitch in the matrix" in real life?? I mean when a car goes by at a stop light and the SAME EXACT make and model and color is right behind it?!? Talk about Deja Vu ... this freaks me out and makes me think about that scene in the movie where there is a glitch in the matrix ... makes you think doens't it?!?!

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