Saturday, December 29, 2007

A good Saturday for me :o)

While I would love to post pictures here detailing my post, my boyfriend has my camera with him and he said its not working so well anyway so I'm not even sure it'll work when he gets home ... so I'll try and find links for the yarns I am describing :o)

I accomplished all that I wanted to today, my plan was to put air in the one tire I couldn't yesterday because of the way cars were parked at the service station I stopped at on Friday to add air to my tires, go to the yarn shop and spend my points and a gift card I received, stop at Jo Ann's with a gift card and see what I fancied, stop at CVS and pick up laundry detergent and the cat's medication, all done!

At the yarn store I sat for a while with the ladies and chatted and knitted. Then I got down and dirty shopping. I wanted to pick up sock yarn for my boyfriend's mom, she always comments on the self striping yarns and how cool they are. I saw Berroco Sox in a colorway similar to what I was looking for that I thought would suit her #1476. And of course I had to pick out a funky one for myself, so I chose #1474 (it was a real toss up between that and 1473).

Then the instructor/clerk there that I hang out with when I go there helped me pick out colors for a Faux Dr. Who Scarf for my boyfriend. I found a cool pattern in Odd Ball Knitting for "Ted's Scarf". I liked this more than any I've seen that are like Dr. Who Scarves because of the pattern stitch.

The parttern calls for Mission Falls 1824 and while I do LOVE that yarn I didn't want to spend $80 on a scarf. So instead I substituted Encore DK that I already had on hand, bought more Encore DK today along with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light and Jo Sharp to make up enough colors.

The Plymouth Encore DK are colors: 1415, 1444, 389, 517, 999, 670, 658 (which I now realize looks a lot like 670 that I just bought, LOL) and 355. I also have two other Jo Sharp here that I might subsitute instead since 658 is so similar to another color! Jo Sharp I have Ruby #326, Tangerine #003, and Glade #908. The Ultra Alpaca Light is #4294 and 4275. Now I just have to make sure to assign letters so them so that I can follow the pattern with my substitutions!

I also picked up Knit Simple Winter 2007/08 and a sock pattern Monet's Twist Socks by Julia Sprague. Anita's Stitch Markers were pictured in this issue of Knit Simple! Check out her Etsy shop.

Now I wonder what I actually spent on the scarf, LOL!! Not counting the yarn I had at home, I spent $31 today and $25 of that was a redemption of loyalty points, so really I spent $6 ... what a bargain!! I intentionally waited until I had accumulated points to get the yarn for this scarf ... yeah let's not discuss how much I spent to accumulate points, hahaha! We knitters don't think that way!

Another cool thing that happened today was a woman stopped in and dropped off loads of old knitting magazines that she wanted to be rid of but didn't want to just throw away. So we got to go through them and take whatever we wanted. I grabbed several issues of Knit Simple and Creative Knitting from 2004 and 2005. Some of the mags were just too old, yellowed and the patterns really out of date. But I did get a few good ones with things I will actually knit in them.

Once I made all of my purchases and signed up for two classes - Continental Knitting and Seaming & Finishes, I was on my way to Jo Ann's. When I parked in the lot I looked over to get my purse and noticed I parked next to a woman who attends Stamp Club with me, LOL!! She owns a landscaping business so her business name is on the side of her SUV. As I was wondering what store she was in I hear "Angela!!!" and there she was. So we stopped for a hug and short chat. Speaking of which I better finish the challenge we had since Stamp Club is this coming Wednesday!

Off into Jo Ann's I picked up some wire and beads to make more stitch markers. I picked up letter beads to make sock stitch markers to follow Cat Bordhi's new book "New Pathways for Sock Knitters" and I also found some cool examples of stitch markers recently using alphabet beads like "WTF" "OOPS" "I -heart- KNITTING" etc. I also picked up bent nose pliers, I have a combo tool to make markers with but its difficult to bend the wire around the bottom of the loop so I think these will work better.

I finished my stitch markers for the Winter Exchange and will be mailing them out next week. Since I don't have my camera here I figured I would try scanning them and found it much easier than trying to photograph them!

And last, but definitely not least. I received my Winter Wonderland Swap package when I got home from my adventures today! Unfotunatley because I don't have a camera I cannot photo all the goodies, but I could get the yarn in my scanner, LOL!! And its was a fantastic choice, Christmasy for sure and I have been wanting to try Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, so its even cooler!

Kim also sent Seatle's Best in Hazelnut Cream (hazelnut is one of my favs!), Hot Cocoa Mix, a mug with Christmas lights pictures on in and wrapped in a knitted cozy, a knitted Christmas ball that looks like one I'd seen in a recent magazine using recycled plastic bags to fill it, an adorable cocoa mug ornament and really pretty green and red stitch markers. Thanks Kim!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's almost the new year!!

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m keeping this list fairly simple so that I can actually accomplish the things on it :o)

  1. I recently got a raise amounting in approximately $20 more per week. I am going to put this $20 in savings each week either for emergencies or towards moving (let’s not get into why I hate my neighbor or why I think there is a vortex of Evil situated only over my unit).
  2. Create a list of months and gifts to hand make (mostly knitting and cards) for the upcoming year.
  3. Clean up file cabinet and be more consistent with dealing with incoming mail and papers on a regular basis.
  4. Stretch, yoga and meditate regularly.

Here's my Sock Yarn Stash List:

1. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Peacock Multi - Magic Loop
2. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Meadow Multi
3. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Pine - Vinnland
4. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Dusk
5. (2) Knit Picks Memories - Uzume
6. (1) Opal - Jaywalkers
7. (1) Trekking XXL
8. (1) Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox - Fruit Salad - Purl & Lace Socks Knit 'N Style
9. (1) Socks that Rock - Fire on the Mountain - Eleanor
10. (1) Smooshy - Ruby River
11. (1) Art Yarns
12. (2) Regia - Horcrux Socks
13. (1) Sockotta
14. (1) Cherry Tree Hill - Maple Sugar - Fawkes
15. (1) TV Yarn - Meduim
16. (1) Tofutsies - Peppermint Twist
17. (1) On Your Toes
18. (1) Universal Yarn Wisdon Yarns Marathon New York
19. (1) TV Yarn - Bride of Frankenstein - Bellatrix
20. (1) Sunshine Yarns - Wildflower
21. (1) J. Knits - Kansas - Firestarter
22. (2) Knit Picks Pallette - Sky
23. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Carbon Twist
24. (1) Knit Picks Essnetials Volcano Twist & (1) Black for Bucanneer Booty Socks
25. (1) Tofutsies

As we can clearly see I have more than enough skeins to knit not one, but TWO pairs of socks a month for the next year! Do you think this will stop me from buying more?!?! Nope :o)

I think I finally caught up on all of the TV shows that I had taped on Wednesday evenings while I was taking classes or attending stamp club! It was quite an accumulation considering there were three shows on that I was taping! I was watching Life, Bionic Woman and Pushing Daisies. I finished the tape of Pushing Daisies today and then caught one that I had missed taping on the ABC website. I love that many shows are available on the internet now! Really helps if you forget to set your VCR and don’t have TIVO or some other digital recorder.

Now I am patiently waiting for the shows to return. Prison Break comes back Jan. 14th following a new show Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles on Jan. 13th. Then Torchwood comes back on Jan 26th. Don’t forget Monk on Jan. 11th! I’m sure Psych is right after it as usual but I haven’t confirmed that yet. Not sure what is going on with 24 for the new season, if you have news please post a comment.

Knitting Gift List

January – Derek house socks.

February – Anthony size 1-year sweater.

May – Marion socks.

My friend in England sent me a magazine that I asked for “Simply Knitting” it’s a U.K. publication and I found in it (among other things) a great website with sock tutorials. I already know how to knit socks, but I love finding this information to pass on to other people or brush up my skills on different techniques. Silver’s Sock Classes

Monday, December 24, 2007

Never, ever again!

Yesterday it was nice to see family, but the weather and some other things really made for a bad day! My boyfriend goes up to his parents' house every winter to watch it and the critters while they go to Florida, so Saturday and Sunday he was a little frantic packing and getting ready to be away. So he's running around like a nut. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive to their house, so we usually check oil, etc. on our cars before this trip. I wanted to put air in my tires. We purchased a small compressor last year for just this thing, I figured I would use that rather than find out that the one at the gas station was out of order (as they frequently are), plus I could wash my hands here and not be covered in grease and road grime for the trip up.

So I go into the shed to get the compressor ... the roof is collapsed because of the snow. This shed was purchased (and painstakingly put together) by us only about 18 months ago, to REPLACE THE SHED THAT THE ROOF COLLAPSED ON BEFORE!!!!! So now I am NOT happy! I had to tromp through 2 feet of snow to get to the shed to find that out! OK I'll deal with that later (probably today I'll see if I can shovel it off and see if the aluminum will push back out. So I fill my tires, slipping and sliding on the ice, getting dirty, etc. Then we have to swap cars so that his is closer to the door so he can pack, there are snow banks on either side of the street and our driveway so its like an obstacle course, not a big deal but doesn't help our already aggravated state.

Get packed, get on the road, that all went fine. It was nice visiting with everyone. Now its time to leave (and its about 2 hours later than I planned). I have my dog and mother with me. Everyone must've been feeding the dog who knows what all day ... so she STUNK, that really disgusting reeking dog fart stink the entire way home. Oh and by the way its torrential downpours and fog banks of blindness the entire 2 1/2 hour ride home ... oh and did I forget to mention that the two times I went through tolls my window was sticking for whatever reason (yeah sometime else I'll deal with today) and didn't want to go down, then when I finally get it to respond it doesn't want to go up ... oh yeah remember the torrential downpours?!??! So now it is raining in my FACE and I am trying to get back up to speed in the middle of the highway and get the window back up (power window so nothing I can do but push a button and hope it complies). YIKES!!!

Don't think I'll forget this any time soon, so if this is the plan next year (its been at one of his sisters' houses before which are only 45 minutes away) I don't think I'll be making the trip. 5 hours in the car, especially with the bad weather was not pleasant to say the least!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Coffee Swap Topic #7

Please post what would be the perfect vacation during the Winter Season? Would rather you head to the beach, to escape all the cold weather or want to pack your ski's and head to the mountains. You tell us what vacation you prefer during the Winter Season.

I would much rather head out for warmer weather. I do not enjoy snow activities at all. I don't like being cold and wet or having the inside of my nose freeze. I don't mind it being cold out, but I don't like to stay outside for any length of time other than to get from point A to point B. I would not mind being in the mountains, I am sure they are lovely, but you would find me wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace, LOL!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

Can you say snow?!?! We've got about 1 1/2 to 2 feet I think at this time. Here's apicture of our bird bath for an example ... I hope there's not a frozen birdie under there, LOL!

And here's where I guess the phrase "half in the bag" came from ... usually meaning drunk ... but hey who knows ...

We had our Christmas lunch at work today. I was surprised to find out one of the girls I work with every day had me in the swap ... though I thought it a little funny nobody in our area mentioned who they had, LOL!! Must've been trying to stay away from the subject all together. Another co-worker and I often discuss books and he bought me the first two Raymond Feist Magician novels, that was very sweet and a nice surprise. He also got very thoughtful (and funny) gifts for a few other people.

I did not finish the things I was making for Christmas gifts and I don't see it happening in the next 4 days! I was making a pair of socks for my boyfriend and a hooded scarf for my mom, neither of which are anywhere near completed. I also wanted to finish the socks I am making for a co-worker by today, but that didn't happen either. I am hoping to finish the second sock by next week anyway since I have 4 days off from work in a row.

Sunday we are going up to the White Mountains to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend's family. I am brining my camera and hope to get some nice pictures of snow for my friend in England. She loves the stuff, but I keep telling her, yeah its pretty when its an inch or two ... but try shoveling a few times or sliding off the road in your car and you won't think its so great anymore. I tell ya the next time she's over here in winter, I am making her shovel my driveway and we'll see how much she likes snow after that!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

What to do ...

This is what I've felt like a lot lately ... a Grinch. No Christmas spirit, blah, blah. I started cleaning out some old clothes in the closet and drawers today. I feel so claustrophobic in the winter. I feel a bit better now that there's less clutter in here, but not quite done yet. I still have a lot of paper clutter in my file cabinet and around my desk I need to deal with. I think that will help me not to feel so down and dreary through the winter months if I get rid of some physical clutter around here.

We went to the grocery store today just to pick up a few items for the ball game tomorrow ... again, just to pick up a few items ... well everyone else was there in a PANIC because there is a snow storm coming. It was so busy that the manager had to institute a line system where people waited in lines in the isles with employees present, letting people know when to go to the register a few at a time to make sure there wasn't too much confusion or blockage of traffic areas at the front of the store ... yikes! We made sure to only have 15 items so that we could go through the quick lane. It was actually quite funny, the manager was on the loud speaker, "Everyone please give me your attention, ma'am, ma'am that's not a line, please move ... everyone not in a line please listen so you know what to do, ma'am, please ma'am, please don't yell at me ma'am I'm trying to explain" it was C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

I saw a post on Cheryl's Blog about New Year's Knitting Resolutions and thought I would come up with some of my own.

  1. Speaking of CLUTTER one of my resolutions will be to finish some projects that I have yarn on hand for before buying more large quantities or yarn. Instead of buying larger tubs to keep my stash in, LOL!!
  2. Plan ahead for gift ideas for the year and start them well in advance so that I can give them to the recipient on time. I do pretty well for children and make sure I make a size larger than the timeframe that I make it for to ensure they get some wear out of the item.
  3. I have approximately 20 skeins of sock yarn in my stash give or take a few ... I should probably make socks out of those before buying any more, but I am such a sucker for sock yarn!
  4. Finish afghan started in Sept. 2006.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap Topic #6

For many people, Winter is a time of cold weather and snow - and many fun outdoor activities that can only be enjoyed during those times! What's YOUR favorite activity in Winter, and is it even outdoors??

I am not a big fan of winter or really cold temperatures, however, there are some seasonal or HOT foods that I really enjoy. I love soup, especially chowder, and who wants to eat soup when its 90 degrees outside?! So far I have had soup twice this week and its only Tuesday, LOL! I also love hot apple cider, think I am averaging a 1/2 gallon a week right now. Hot chocolate is another one of my favorite beverages. So, though I don't enjoy being outside for winter activities, I'll use any excuse related to the chill outside that I can to eat or drink seasonal, hot things!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow ...

... will stop me from getting to the post office ... and I wasn't the only one, LOL! It was quite busy there today, tis the season. I did my Christmas cards this weekend and ran out of stamps, so I had to get to the post office to get more, also wanted to mail out the ornament to my friend so that she would get it by Christmas. We had very slippery conditions here this morning, but by the time I left work and ventured to the post office it wasn't too bad.

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap Topic
Cheryl and I had a convo about short row heels and socks and I’ve been back to visit her since and see what she’s up to :o)

I found this great Article on Jogless Traveling Stripes - there have been a few projects, some socks that I have not tried tackling because I do not like the way the stripes line up with each other. Also I have found loose joins, etc to be a problem.

Ever wonder what those symbols on yarn bands are for? Some are self explanatory, but others not so much. I found a great link with pictures of the pictures (that make no sense to me on the yarn ball bands) and descriptions of what they mean!

Weird thought for the day, ever seen a "glitch in the matrix" in real life?? I mean when a car goes by at a stop light and the SAME EXACT make and model and color is right behind it?!? Talk about Deja Vu ... this freaks me out and makes me think about that scene in the movie where there is a glitch in the matrix ... makes you think doens't it?!?!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells ...

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, blah, blah blah, blah, blaaahhhhhh ....

I finished my Christmas cards today. I completed 25 and I think that's enough, I always have some store bought ones around in case I need one in a pinch. Here's what my house looks like when my rubber stamping obsession overtakes all of the flat surfaces for drying, LOL!

There were many Christmas movies on TV today so it really helped get me motivated to finish the cards, it took from about noon until 9pm ... of course not the entire time ... stamping takes patience, things need to dry. However, this was good because my house also got cleaned in the process while I was waiting for different things to dry. Dishes and laundry got done too :o)

Here's a close up of a finished card. The Reindeer stamp is by Outlines Rubber Stamps. Merry Christmas is by Rubber Stamp Tapestry, but it fit this card very nicely since I didn't have the one from Outlines. This card uses bleach to get the desired effects .. smelly, but pretty once done!

Not much knitting got done today, I did work on my November Mystery Socks though and I was working on my boyfriends socks last night.

I found a really cool Knitting Pattern Advent Calendar from Drops Designs online! Check it out!

Friday, December 7, 2007


It sure is TGIF this Friday! I was super busy at work this week, with one person out and I am the only other on our shift qualified to complete certain jobs. So I am glad this week is over!! I am ready for some rest and relaxation and KNITTING! I also have to get my Christmas cards done this weekend, I had hoped I would be done by December 1st, but that date has come and gone.

Here's some of what I have been working on:

I am making some men's size house socks for my boyfriend in Patons Classic Wool, color Forest. I am using the Magic Loop method and the pattern that comes in the booklet from Fiber Trends.

Here's the progress on the socks I am making for a co-worker, one down and I started the second one. I got the cuff done and started the leg. I would really like to have these done by Christmas. I bought the yarn (which she paid for) back in July ... I didn't realize it was so long ago!! I took a few classes since then so I was busy knitting projects for those and put these on hold. Well I am sure she would like to enjoy her socks while it is still winter!

I would also really like to finish up the November Mystery Socks by December so that I can qualify for the prize drawing for the group on Ravelry. So far I have one sock past the heel and working on the gusset decreases. I am hoping the second goes much quicker now that I am familiar with the pattern.

I got one more ornament done so far. I was hoping to do several, they don't take too long, only about 4-5 hours each, in the knitting world that's not long at all! But with everything else I am trying to finish I'm not sure I will be able to get all the ones done that I wanted. This one is going to my friend in England who I chat with via email a few times a week:

To answer Charity's question, so it doesn't get lost in the comments:

"So here's a conversation starter - lets say you signed up for a swap and it didnt go well or what arrived in the swap was pretty BLAH "wwad" - what would Angela do?"

WWAD, LOL!!! That's a good topic for discussion. I have been pretty successful with swaps so far. Generally I would not hold a blah package or something I didn't care for against the swap itself, that's the individual who sent it and everyone has different tastes and likes. I would probably do the swap again if I liked the theme itself and the contests and such related to the swap.

Generally I am not displeased with anything that is a gift, unless it was something completely opposite or something I specifically mentioned I did not like on my blog, then that's just careless for the person sending stuff, they are not paying attention. I try really hard myself to read questionnaires and the person's blog itself for a few days of posts and make notes to keep in my purse when I am shopping so that I avoid unwanted stuff and keep to the things they like.

However, if the "not going well" part was due to the organization or lack thereof from the hosts, then I would not participate in that swap in the future. I know life gets in the way of these things sometimes, but if it happens more than once and/or there is no explanation or heads up, then I would steer clear of things involving those same people in the future.

And here's a question for you - I saw on your blog you were an extra in Young Guns ... I loved that movie. Was it the original in 1988 or the second movie? How did you get to be an extra? Details please!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Knitting & Unknitting ...

Its still chilly out there and feels like snow ... now why can't it snow during the weekend when we are home anyway instead of Monday?!?!

Anyway. I got another ornament started this weekend. I think I spent about 2 1/2 hours on it so far. I was doing it while watching TV so one hour I was only knitting during commercials, so I didn't count that, LOL! The instructions say to put the initial on with duplicate stitch after the seams are grafted, this doesn't make sense to me at all so I have been doing it once the front is completed then I continue with the shoulder seams and sleeves and finally graft the sleeves and side seams together. How can you do duplicate stitch on something so small once its seamed together?!?! The body of the sweater is only 2" wide!

And this is the un-knitting done today. I am making these socks on a simple 5 DPN pattern, but I am using Magic Loop. Most patterns say to leave 2" and begin the toe, so that's what I did here, though it didn't say. Then I noticed that this pattern was straight decrease rounds, so I figured it I did a knit round in between that would be OK ... then realized even with a knit round in between that I would only need 1" for the toe ... so I unknit the 6 or so rows that I did decreases and knit rounds to get back to 2" from the end, now I will knit 1" from the end and then do the decreases still with knit rounds in between and that should work out to the correct length. Geesh! Lesson learned!

I am still catching up on TV shows! Looks like Life is on twice this week ... Monday and Wednesday nights - so I will have to tape those episodes since I am just now up to 10/24. I am also going to check out the Sci-Fi channel mini series Tin Man, which looks like they are re-playing quite a bit this week and next weekend :o)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Upcoming Swap: "Mmmmm ... Hot Cocoa"

I found a new swap, just in time for the winter blahs and well after all of my other swap commitments and into a new budget! And it includes two of my favorite things, yarn and hot chocolate!! The swap will take place from January 1st to February 28th. Check out the link above to sign up and get more info!!

Waahooo its Chilly Out There!!

It is so cold out there today. The temp is in the low 20s and it was really windy out there today. I started out this morning by going to the yarn store with the intent of getting some knitting done, seeing the ladies and maybe picking up a skein of Encore DK to make more Harry Potter Weasely Sweater Ornaments.

I went to the yarn store, met a nice lady who is also addicted to socks, did some knitting on the socks I am trying to finish, picked up the Encore DK ... and some Jo Sharp DK on clearance (who can resist something for $5 that is usually $8?!?!) and some Eucalan because I hadn't seen it in a small bottle for $5 before so they must've restocked it. I will need it once I actually finish a pair of socks and get to wear them, LOL!

And my biggest confession ... a skein of J. Knits Superwash Me Sock yarn in "Kansas" ... oh what's that you say, "What happened to your self imposed yarn diet?" oh um ... I'm so naughty!! I just couldn't resist the yellows, purples, orange ... it was just too bright and cheery on this super cold day. So yet again, I have broken my self imposed yarn diet. I guess in order to actually not buy yarn ... I must not go to the yarn store, because as I already knew, I have absolutely no will power when it comes to this fetish, I mean addiction ... oh wait, its only a "hobby" right?!?!

So after that I was good and left when I was supposed to and went to work to get some overtime hours in. Then I came home and watched a movie that I rented, that I had seen previously ... duh!! It was pretty good though, I didn't remember seeing "Bean: The Movie" which is an older one, so I rented it, because I am a big fan of Mr. Bean ... and then realized that I had in fact seen it before!

I recently read "The Mist" by Stephen King, which is a short story that a recent movie was based on. It was very good. I also read a few others in Skeleton Crew which is a collection of several of his short stories.

Yesterday at Wal-Mart I picked up "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman which is a trilogy compiled into one book and includes "The Golden Compass" which is also a movie coming out next week ... do you see a trend here?? I will always read a story or book before seeing the movie ... that is if I know before hand that something was based on a written work. Wal-Mart has some really good deals on books by the way! This book was listed on the cover as $21.99 and I got it for $12.97!

Well I am off to go knit more sweater ornaments so I can actually get them out to people for Christmas!!