Thursday, October 30, 2008

Its getting chilly outside!

Well I almost have one glove done. I am afraid to go back and find out when I first cast on for this project. I know I ordered the yarn back in April ...

This was an interesting pattern, its from the 1940s ... so its not very instructive, I ran into a few, "Huh? ... Wah? ..." moments, but made my way through them and I am a better knitter for it, LOL!

These are a gift for my email pal in England (we have met in person a few times too) and I am hoping to finish them for Christmas.

Monday, October 20, 2008

FO: Art Yarns Socks

I finished my Art Yarns socks today. I changed the pattern a bit by twisitng the rib stitches and using Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sew Bind Off.

Yarn: Art Yarns Handpaint Stripes
Needles: Knit Picks Harmony Size 5
Cast On: A long, long time ago for sock one. Sock two 10/17/08
Cast Off: 10/20/08

Friday, October 17, 2008

Amazing Knitting

I am amazed at some knitting techniques. I started this pair of socks long, long ago and the instructor at my LYS helped me start the toe of the first sock. Since then it sat in a bag with lots of other WIPs and I finally picked it back up the other day and finished a sock. I started the other one myself and was hoping I didn't run into problems and I was just amazed at how 4 stitches turn into a toe!

I successfully got the toe done and am on to the foot of the second sock. This yarn is Art Yarns Handpainted Stripes and it is lovely to knit with. It is so soft and squishy. The colors are so deep and beautiful.

Now I am off to go knit on my stocking so I am ready for the next class!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Its that time of year again

That time of year past the point of no return for all those gifts I planned on making for the holidays. Its already 1/2 way through October!! I do have some things that I MUST finish for this year.

1. Diane's Gloves - Preferably really soon since I need to ship them overseas. This is an old 1940s pattern that I am doing. The yarn is Knit Picks Essentials in Pumpkin. I actually have a bit more than this done, but haven't taken a new photo.

2. Marion's Socks - These should go fairly quickly, I am using self patterning yarn so I am just going to knit them in stockinette.

3. Mom's Scarf - Chunky yarn, so should go pretty quickly too.

I think that's all I am going to try and accomplish for this holiday season. Anything else that gets done will be a bonus!

Aside from those things I also have plenty of others on the needles that I would like to finish up this year.:
1. Tank Top - Started in summer of 07 ... so now two summers have gone by and I haven't finished it to wear yet.
2. Blanket - Started in Sept. 06. This was the first knitting project I started. Would like to actually be able to use it, haha.
3. Reversible Cable Scarf - I don't remember when I started this one. Its coming along, something I knit watching TV.
4. Art Yarns Socks - Worsted weight socks. I think I have to redo the heel, didn't like how it came out.
Ahhh so many projects and so little time!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Learning new things

I'm learning a lot of new things ... some I would rather not know. Although it really hasn't been that much that's gone wrong with us trying to buy a house, but there are so many papers to collect and sign and checks to write and appointments and blah, blah, blah. This is a short sale, so at this point we've done all we can and now its up to the current mortgaging bank to approve of the sale.

Anyway, on to other learning, I am taking a class on fair isle knitting. And I'll have a new stocking to hang in my (hopefully) new house this year!!

While I was at the yarn store I picked up some of the new Harry Potter yarn, colorway "Tonks".