Thursday, January 3, 2008

Its almost Friday!!

I finished these socks Dec. 31st as planned! These are for a co-worker. She paid for the yarn that I picked out after I took a sock knitting class last July and while talking about it told her I would knit a pair for her ... I will never do that again! These are actually my first finished ADULT pair of socks. I haven't even yet knit a pair for myself! I do not like the pressure or guilt I feel when someone knows I am knitting something for them. I will not tell people in the future I will just let it be a surprise.

My camera is definitely not working right and I took this photo on a web cam. I will have to go out and get a camera soon so I can photo my FOs and whatnot for swaps and Knit A Longs.

I contacted a local high school about their adult evening education courses and suggested that I am interested in teaching a knitting class. The director got right back to me and said she would be interested in offering that this Fall! I am so excited! Plus that will give me plenty of time to prepare materials and instructions and knit up some samples too.

I started socks 1/2/08 with the Panda Cotton that I got recently in a swap and I love it! I am doing a pattern I found on the Crystal Palace website. They are coming out awesome. I think I'll finish this pair really quickly.

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