Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend Update

Here is a quick update on my current WIPs. I want to take time at some point in the near future to photo all of my current UFOs or WIPs, not quite sure what they are at this point, LOL! I want to update my blog for the new year and hopefully set time to finish some of the things I started in 2007.

Here are the Winter Socks from the Magic Loop book from Fibre Trends. I am making these for my boyfriend to wear around the house. I really like the pattern stitch with this yarn. I cast these on in December.

I recently got this yarn in the Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap, the pattern is Menehune from the Crystal Palace website. I have never used this yarn before or any cotton blend, I love it. It feels like they will be really warm too. I cast these on 1/2/08.

This is a color block sweater for my friends boy who will turn 1 year old this February. I wanted to make this sweater to try color changes and so far so good. I am wrapping the working yarns in the back and it seems to be coming out fine. The pattern is from Knit Simple Magazine. This was cast on 1/7/08.

Here's an update on the November Mystery Sock from the group on Ravelry. I love this pattern and want to finish these up soon, I had put them on hold to finish up some holiday knitting.

And here are some new additions to my sock yarn stash ... yeah I know, why do I need more sock yarn?!?! I am on a mission to try them ALL! I have not yet tried Wildfoote or Clown. These are some of the less expensive yarns, but still good quality. I wanted to try Clown moreso after the experience I had with the Panda Cotton, and this is another cotton blend.

I was curious where other people keep their WIPs (because mine are all over the house), if you're reading this, please post a comment with where or in what you keep your WIPs (Works In Progress).


Anne said...

A bit of all over, but for things I actually might knit that week I have an oversized huge knitting bag that sits on the floor by my favorite 'knitting chair' - and your WIPs are looking great! I have some Maizy to try for socks next - it was a toss up between that and the Panda Cotton so I hope I enjoy it as much as you are the cotton!

Patricia said...

Looks like you've got your work cut out for you! I keep my small WIP's in my knitting basket that I carry with me everywhere I go. The big ones are in a large wooden bowl. It doesn't pay to hide them Then they are ignored.