Thursday, January 17, 2008

Productive Knitting

Here is an update on the Color Block Sweater I am making. I have been working on it a few times this week and am happy to see so much progress. I want to finish this by February and I think it'll actually be possible! The yarn is Cotton Ease by Lion Brand and it is so soft, perfect for a child's sweater.

This is the back of the sweater, which is now complete. There were a few techniques that I conquered well on this project. The first was the color changes in each row, I was worried about keeping the tension uniform and making sure that there were no gaps between the colors. The second thing was binding off. I usually use a needle size larger to bind off to ensure that I don't do it too tight. Since this yarn is so stretchy and soft I didn't want to do that and have it too loose. So I just made sure to pay attention and go slowly and the bind off came out well.
This will be my first seaming project as well. I have made a child's sweater before, but all in one piece were only the side seams are sewn together and it was in a yarn that didn't make it very noticable. This one will have to be seamed with mattress stitch including the sleeves. I am glad I recently took a class on seaming!

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wildflower38 said...

I like what you've knitted so far. It's going to be pretty.