Sunday, January 13, 2008

January is for Knitting!

It is again unseasonably warm here in New England. I took the opportunity to wash my truck today and get all of that nasty sand and salt off ... even though it is forecast for snow again tomorrow. I wasn't the only one with this idea, but luckily when I pulled up to the car wash it appeared extremely busy, but most people where using the vacuums and not the wash bays.

I really enjoy when I run errands or get things done and don't have to wait, it makes me happy :o) I'm sure the fact that it was 45 degrees out helped a lot too! Though I later noticed when I got home that I then ran other errands after the car wash with dirt on my face from the spray gun, LOL!!!

Here is more progress on the color block sweater. I am really pleased with how this is coming out. I was a little worried about keeping the color changes uniform and consistent with my knitting tension. So far so good. This is the back and once the top sections are the same length as the bottom it'll be time to bind off. This is my first experience with Cotton Ease and I can see how it would make wonderful washcloths, it is so soft and comfy to touch.

I finished a sock yesterday while watching our beloved Patriots win the game for a 17-0 season so far! This sock is from the Magic Loop Booklet "Winter Socks" and I am making them with Pattons Classic Wool, which I really like, its nicely priced and the color is great for this project. Oliver decided that he wanted to join the shot, so I let him model the sock.

I am excited for a new show to start up on Fox - Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles airs tonight and tomorrow night. Also Prison Break starts back up tomorrow. Friday night I watched Monk and taped Psych for later viewing.

I found that putting the cable of inexpensive Susan Bates circular needles over the steam from my teapot does in fact make them more manageable! Definitely not as nice as Addi Turbo or Knit Picks, but much easier to work with.

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