Sunday, January 27, 2008

Falling Snowflakes

Its snowing out today ... I wasn't even sware we were supposed to get snow today! I don't bother watching the weather .. because last I heard it was supposed to snow Thursday ... um no snow Thursday and today is Sunday ...

Yesterday I went to the yarn store in the morning for the informal knitting group. I saw some of the regular ladies there and chatted about what we are currently working on, new yarn in the store, etc. I made a deal with myself that I could buy some Koigu for the Monet Twist Sock Pattern that I have and also some size 2 needles to match the set I already have. I don't really care for two socks on one needle, so I wanted another size 2 so that I can do two socks at the same time, but on different needles. They didn't have 40" in stock, but did have 32" so I just got that ... my other needle will be a little longer that's all, LOL!!

The deal is that I have to seriously go on a yarn diet. I haven't yet worked out the details of this diet! I have at least 30 skeins of sock yarn in my stash and am running out of room for it. Not to mention I could knit 2 pairs of socks each month this year and still have some left over. We are trying to save up money and pay off bills so that we can move ... hopefully this year. I cannot stand my neighbor and if I didn't hear her hacking up a lung at 3AM outside smoking or yelling at her dog all hours of the day or night for the rest of my life it would be TOO soon!! This is her being "quiet" too!

We met with a friend that we weren't able to see over the holidays for a belated celebration. We are all big Johnny Depp fans too so we usually get together to see his latest movie at the theater. Last night we saw Sweeney Todd. It was excellent as expected. I must also mention that I am a huge Tum Burton fan as well ... and he works with Johnny a lot ... if I had coffee and chocolate in the theater it would be a wet dream come true, LOL! The signing seemed weird at first (this was a play originally) but once the story started rolling along it soon became unnoticable and meshed well with the scenery and story.

Now that I am a knitter, I cannot help but notice any knitted costume accessories in any movie I watch. Johnny wore fingerless gloves (pictured above) as well as the young man, who also had a nice scarf on as well in one of the scenes. I would love to figure out the stitch patterns and make my own.

I found out a wonderfully mind easing piece of information yesterday when my friend called me to chat. He invited me to his son's first birthday party on 2/16 ... I thought his birthday was THIS coming weekened ... his sweater is not done yet. So I just found out I have 2 additional weeks to finish it up, whoo hoo! I am working on a color block sweater I found in Knit Simple magazine. I finished the back piece and started the front. Once that's complete I'll have the sleeves and then all the seaming, but it shouldn't be a problem for me to finish by the new deadline!

I found the most hilarious weekly blog post recently. Each Thursday Jessica enlightens us by finding a most ridiclulous knitting pattern and giving a most unique caption for it. Check out her blog on Thursdays for the Thursdays are for What the Hell is This? - or now for past entries - for a good laugh!!

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