Saturday, August 4, 2007

Recent Finishes

A finish! This hat I started back in April I think when I saw it in the Spring/Summer issue of Knit It! magazine. It was just too cute to pass up. I made this for my friend's daughter who will be three this October. The yarn is Saucy by Reynolds.

This is definitely a pattern I would make again and again in different colors!

Here is a top view of the daisy.

Garfield is being kind enough to model again since I do not have a head this small in my household :o)

This is a soap bag I made for the Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Swap. The yarn is Saucy Sport by Reynolds. The pattern was also in the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Knit It! magazine. This was a really fun project to make!

I did have one mishap, when I was making it I was watching TV and somehow lost 2 stitches (I either didn't do enough yarn overs or I did too many k2tog. However, I noticed that I was short stitches after we lost power (must've been a brown out).

So I was going to put it aside until the next day when I could really see what I was doing to rip and recover, but then I thought ... you have no power ... what the heck else are you going to do?!?! So with the aid of a flashlight (aren't they for knitting in the dark, not for emergencies right??) I ripped out a few rows to find a row where I had the correct number of stitches and started back up again ... still in the dark, LOL!

Once done I brought it to my LYS where the lovely Maryanne helped me to seam it up nicely and finish it off with the drawstring cord.

That is TWO down and THREE more to go before I can buy more yarn!

I am going to list my UFOs / "On the Needles" list here, but not include photos at the moment ... too many to post, LOL!

  • Toe Up Socks for Anette
  • Jaywalker Socks
  • Art Yarns Toe Up Socks
  • Reversible Cable Scarf
  • Alpaca & Matrix Scarf
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Tank Top
  • Afghan (will pick up again in Fall)
  • Cat Dishcloth


vegasangelbrat said...

Love the pattern on this..Nice job!
Hoping your the same Angela that left a comment on my blog, Thanks for stopping by!
Love the hat you made too, thats really cute!

Megan said...

That soap bag is great! I just found your blog looking for clues for my virtual knitting vacation scavenger hunt. Thanks for being the answer to so many questions!