Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To Do List & Upcoming Swaps

Re-prioritizing my knitting to do list. I have a few swaps to knit for and by the way did anyone notice its almost September?!?! I have little progress on my Christmas list of things to knit! So I am going to put some WIPs into UFO status so that I can finish up some things that have deadlines!!


1) Fingerless Gloves (1 to go) want to finish by Columbus Day Weekend
2) Annette’s Socks – for a co-worker – she bought the yarn so I don’t want to hang on to these for too long
3) Dishcloth – for Fall into Autumn Dishcloth Exchange due 10/31
4) Bag – for Hogwart’s Sock/Scarf Kit Exchange (need partner before I can pick out yarn) due 10/31
5) Pumpkin Hat for Anthony (want to complete for Fall wearing)
6) Daisy Hat for Briannalise (want to finish for this winter)

On Hold until the above are finished:

1) Jaywalker Socks
2) Art Yarns Toe Up Socks
3) Tank Top (yeah like it was going to be finished this summer anyway!!)
4) Reversible Cable Scarf (for boyfriend, would like to complete for this winter)
5) Drawstring Bag – was just for fun
6) Alpaca and Matrix Scarf – also for fun
7) A Cardigan for Arwen (for myself so I can finish this whenever)
8) Bookmark for Diane for xmas
9) Sweater for Anthony size 1 year need to complete by February
10) Socks, socks and more socks to use up some yarn

I will also be taking two classes this Fall so that will add another two projects to the ASAP list, LOL! I am taking a Magic Loop sock class in September (have plenty of yarn on hand to choose from) and a Harry Potter Knits class in October that I think I will be knitting the Quidditch Sweater from Charmed Knits. I will have to buy yarn for the sweater, but it should only be about $30.

I have one package ready to go to my Secret Pal 11 Partner. I just have to wrap up some items and protect with bubble wrap. I think I will be sending it out next week and that will take care of the September package. I already know what I am going to send for the October package (which is good since I have two other swaps due in October to worry about). So that leaves November, but I have plenty of time to figure that out and get to know my partner a bit better :o)

I have the pattern for the bag I want to make for the Hogwart's Sock/Scarf Kit Swap 3 picked out. I just need to wait for sign-ups to end and get my parnter information so that I know what colors I need to get for yarn. Then I can also start working on that package.

I have a dishcloth pattern picked out to make for the Fall into Autumn Dishcloth Exchange swap and yarn on hand. And I also think I found a cool place to get some of the other stuff for this package once I have my pal and know what to get.

Phew! That's it on my knitting to do list at the moment!!

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