Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dirty Fingers ....

Dirty Fingers are a good thing here, LOL!! I am finally getting into stamping again. When I discovered knitting and that it can be done anywhere at any time and that it is a CLEAN pasttime, I put my rubber stamping passions on the back burner.

But as with all groups and swaps there comes motivation! Sept. 5th is the next Stamp Club meeting and the challenge was to take someone else's stamp, do something with it and bring the card and stamp back to that person at the next meeting.

Usually we use a stamp that we bought and never used, just kept it in our stash or a stamp that we tried to use, but couldn't quite get to work with anything.

I think I did OK by this stamp :o) I am wondering though if it was in the basket becuase it is really HARD to get the eyes to stamp clearly, if at all. I found this out quickly and finally got a good impression after a few tries.

I was also a good girl and started my Christmas cards today. I got six stamped out. I still need one more paper for the cards though that I will have to order when I have money, but that will not impede me from stamping, just putting them together. I think I had planned on thirty this year. I do not usually send handmade ones to everyone on my list - usually just those people I know will really appreciate the handcrafting and hardwork that went into them. Some people still get store bought ones!

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sunneshine said...

I love the card and like the way the eyes look. I would tease you about starting so early, but this year I have too - hopefully we both have less stress in the holiday season!