Thursday, August 23, 2007

Virtual Vacation Package Received!!

I received my Virtual Vacation Package today from Sunne. The package came from one of my ideal places to visit - Colorado. The box arrived packed full of all kinds of good stuff!!

Inside I found a package of Jolly Ranchers (which is truly one of my favorite hard candies), travel brochures and maps of the Denver / Boulder Colorado area, a menu from Illegal Pete's Diner (which sounds like somewhere I would so enjoy eating at!!).

There were also some vintage South Western souvenirs (the cattle skulls already have a wall picked out for hanging, we have a lot of native american decorations around here and these look like they will fit in just fine), salsa of course - which will be thoroughly enjoyed once I pick up some tortilla chips ... we are out of them at the moment - something we usually have on hand!

I had some feline assistance opening the package! There was also a package of lovely handmade potpourri sachets - rose, lavender and lemon grass scented, a coin purse in suothwestern motif, some nice drawstring bags (perfect for knitting projects).

And the yarn!!! 2 skeins of 2nd time Cotton by Knit One Crochet Too - which by the way I have so wanted to try out, and the color is super! And 2 skeins of fantastic tvyarn in the most awesome colors - named "Medium" from White Oak Studio - also comes with a matching stitch marker!

There were also handmade stitch markers, which are so cool! Southwestern theme of cowboy hat and boots. Also, skull and crossbones - awesome! And the butterflies are so pretty - I love them.

Thank you Sunne for this super fantastic package of goodies and for taking me on a virtual vacation of your home state! I definitely want to visit Colorado in person in the future - even moreso now that you've shared some of it with me :o)


Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Great KVVS package from CO!

jackie said...

nice vvs package! great loot! have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

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