Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cool Breezes ...

Its starting to feel like less of an oppressing summer humidity out there. Fall is my favorite time of year and I cannot wait for the crisp cool breezes to start blowing. Then comes winter, which I do not care for ... but let's not think about that yet!

Today I finished one of the pair of fingerless gloves I am making. I had a few more rounds of the hand, then I finished up the thumb, wove in all the ends and viola!

Now I have to cast on for its mate.

I have learned in the past that binding off with a needle one size larger than the ones for the project make life so much easier :o) That worked well for this project as well, except I used the same needles to bind off the thumb figuring that should be a little more snug and that worked out well too.

I am working on finishing up UFOs before starting new projects - mainly because I am running out of room to store these things and its harder to keep up with the pattern and where I left off when I have so many going at the same time. So here's another list of current WIPs:

  • Fingerless Gloves (1 to go)
  • Jaywalker Socks
  • Annette's Socks
  • Hufflepuff Socks
  • Art Yarns Toe Up Socks
  • Tank Top
  • Reversible Cable Scarf
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Mandy's Candy Bag
  • Alpaca & Matrix Scarf
  • Dishcloth

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knittercritter said...

I think you are my spoiler in the Dog Days of Summer Swap. Thank you very much. I am a little slow but I have finally overcome the machines and have gotten posts up on my blog. Again, thank you for such a thoughful package.