Monday, July 30, 2007

Puttin' on the Breaks!

I have one completed sock!! That's too big for my foot, LOL!! I followed the pattern without checking it later on towards the heel and it came out about 1/2" too long in the foot. Oh well, learning experience!

I will be starting the mate this week and will try washing them to see if they shrink a bit.

I gave myself a new rule that I must complete 5 - FIVE - UFOs before I am allowed to purchase more yarn. I have 4 sock yarns on hand, 3 yarns for scarves, a few skeins for tank tops, 2 skeins for gloves. This doesn't take into account the yarns that are attached to current projects!!! So I will not allow myself to purchase any more yarn until I have completed 5 projects. I can start new projects, but only if the yarn is from my stash.

1 comment:

jackie said...

congratulations! great looking sock! good luck with your new rule. hope you are not tempted to break it!