Friday, July 27, 2007

More Sock Fun!

I started the socks from the yarn and pattern that I received in the Hogwart's Sock Kit Swap 2. I am loving this pattern, I have a few more rows done since this photo and it is coming out nicely.

I also received a surprise in the mail yesterday, Blue Sky Alpaca Needles in a collectible tin. This was from Prefect Lia for finding the snitch for our house in the last round of Quidditch!

Of course since I needed EIGHT stitch markers for this pattern I decided to make some matching ones. I think they go nicely with the yarn too!

I am still working on my socks from the toe up sock class and will have the last class next week. I hope to finish up the first sock and be able to start the second. I should have tried it on more when I was making it or measure my foot because we made the patterns based on shoe size. I said 8 because that's what my sneakers are, but I'm probably more a 7 1/2 because that's what all my loafers and sandles are. I found that following the pattern I ended up with socks that are about 1/2" too long in the foot. So in the future I will make sure to make the sock foot 7 1/2 inches before the toe or heel turnings (that are usually 2" in a pattern). LEARNING EXPERIENCE, LOL!!! I am going to try and wash the socks and see if they will shrink a bit when I am done.

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