Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hogwart's Sock Kit Packages!

I received my package from my swap partner Jennifer. The bag is just fantastic! The fabric is so soft and squishy and the colors are awesome. Here is a photo of it open (there is a pocket on each side) and inside there's a coordinating fabric with sheep on it! In addition to the bag, I received sock yarn in my Hufflepuff house colors! I just couldn't wait to get the camera out and I started the socks already from the pattern I received. I also received Bryspun needles that I have wanted to try (and did, they were not the size for me to get the guage for this pattern, but I will find something in the future to use them for!)

I also received some really cool pens with charms on the tops, magnetic note paper with the days of the week on it, a sheep tape measure (I've always wanted one of those!!), stitch markers in my house colors and Exploding Bon Bons!
Thank you Jennifer! I love everything!!!

This is the package that I sent to my swap partner Tasha. I had so much fun making up the pakcage for her! She was in Slytherin and I love green myself so I had a lot of fun with this one. I made stitch markers and a beaded bookmark. I sewed the bag in tapestry fabric and then I got some edible goodies and some Harry Potter goodies to throw in there as well.

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