Thursday, July 12, 2007

Socks from the Toe Up!

I signed up for a Toe Up Sock class at my local yarn store. I was excited to see the teacher was a woman who did the shop tour I took last month, she's very nice (I'm sure they all are, but I like her very much). We students picked out our yarn and needles and then the store provided us custom sock patterns using the Sock Wizard software so that we would be making socks that would fit our own feet.

I picked out this yarn called Trekking XXL . It is 75% wool and 25% nylon. I just loved the colors, they were bright and funky.

In class we started with a provisional cast on, which was cool because I have never done that and wanted to learn how. This also creates a sock with no seam at the front of the toes. Then we continued with the toe, which you can see I have finished here and then taken off the provisional cast on waste yarn and picked up the stitches to continue knitting in the round.

I am going to continue to knit this until class next Wednesday, but she told us to stop at the heel if we get that far by then so that we can do it in class.

I also picked out 5" needles for this, which I have not used before. I love them for socks! I find that the 7" needles get in the way and cause me to pull at the stitches and stretch them out, not so with the shorter needles.

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