Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summertime Fun & Socks

Yesterday my BF and I went to The Butterfly Place near where we live. This time we brought the camera! The first time we went we weren't sure what it was like so we didn't bring one. Now we know better, LOL!

Also, this time I think we went later in the year, this time in summer, last time in spring and there were a lot more butterflies to see at this time of year.

It is quite hot and humid in there for the butterflies, so we usually only stay and hour or so. I didn't check the time, but I think we were in there for an hour and a half this time.

Some of the butterflies are so large, when they fly by you instinctively duck ... looks like a bird is flying at your head!!

Its also amazing to see all of the different people that enjoy coming to see the butterfiles, kids, elderly, disabled, middle-aged and young people, everyone seems to enjoy this habitat.

There is also a koi pond with some very large koi! And this time there was also a parakeet and a lizard.

There are also the resident (what we think are) partridges. They are the cutest little things. There were only three last time that I remember and this time there were several. They run around the sanctuary space loose, but have some areas that are off limit to people that they can get into if they want to get away from visitors. Here are two of them by their feed.

After out visit to the butterfly place we stopped off at the local bead shop that I have never been to before. While it is small and expensive (there were some beads that I could easily find for a lot less at a chain store) they did have some exotic things and some cool charms. I made these stitch markers when I got home. With a butterfly of course, LOL!

I think I will be sending them off to my Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Swap partner :o) I made them large enough to accomodate size 7-9 needles which are the usual for dishcloth weight cotton yarn. This swap is anonymous, so this is not giving away anything :o)

I am also almost done with my dishcloth that I am sending, I have about 12 rows left. Then I need to order the yummy soap I found and get some other goodies and this package will be ready to go!

I made some more progress on my toe up sock. I was hoping to have the 8" completed by the next class so that I can begin working on the heel, but not sure if I will get that far. There are a few people struggling, so I won't be behind anyway, we are all working at our own pace.

I finished mending the loose seam on the bag for the Hogwart's Sock Kit Swap so the bag is complete! I also found the perfect pattern for my swap partner. As soon as I get the yarn and needles I ordered this package will be ready for Owl Post!


Anne said...

Your photos of the butterflies - and your stitch markers - are just gorgeous! What a lovely place to go visit :)

wildflower38 said...

I hope you're my spoiler.... I collect butterfly knick knacks