Monday, December 24, 2007

Never, ever again!

Yesterday it was nice to see family, but the weather and some other things really made for a bad day! My boyfriend goes up to his parents' house every winter to watch it and the critters while they go to Florida, so Saturday and Sunday he was a little frantic packing and getting ready to be away. So he's running around like a nut. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive to their house, so we usually check oil, etc. on our cars before this trip. I wanted to put air in my tires. We purchased a small compressor last year for just this thing, I figured I would use that rather than find out that the one at the gas station was out of order (as they frequently are), plus I could wash my hands here and not be covered in grease and road grime for the trip up.

So I go into the shed to get the compressor ... the roof is collapsed because of the snow. This shed was purchased (and painstakingly put together) by us only about 18 months ago, to REPLACE THE SHED THAT THE ROOF COLLAPSED ON BEFORE!!!!! So now I am NOT happy! I had to tromp through 2 feet of snow to get to the shed to find that out! OK I'll deal with that later (probably today I'll see if I can shovel it off and see if the aluminum will push back out. So I fill my tires, slipping and sliding on the ice, getting dirty, etc. Then we have to swap cars so that his is closer to the door so he can pack, there are snow banks on either side of the street and our driveway so its like an obstacle course, not a big deal but doesn't help our already aggravated state.

Get packed, get on the road, that all went fine. It was nice visiting with everyone. Now its time to leave (and its about 2 hours later than I planned). I have my dog and mother with me. Everyone must've been feeding the dog who knows what all day ... so she STUNK, that really disgusting reeking dog fart stink the entire way home. Oh and by the way its torrential downpours and fog banks of blindness the entire 2 1/2 hour ride home ... oh and did I forget to mention that the two times I went through tolls my window was sticking for whatever reason (yeah sometime else I'll deal with today) and didn't want to go down, then when I finally get it to respond it doesn't want to go up ... oh yeah remember the torrential downpours?!??! So now it is raining in my FACE and I am trying to get back up to speed in the middle of the highway and get the window back up (power window so nothing I can do but push a button and hope it complies). YIKES!!!

Don't think I'll forget this any time soon, so if this is the plan next year (its been at one of his sisters' houses before which are only 45 minutes away) I don't think I'll be making the trip. 5 hours in the car, especially with the bad weather was not pleasant to say the least!!

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Anita said...

UGH!! I sure hope the rest of your holiday is better!!! Merry Christmas!!