Friday, December 21, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

Can you say snow?!?! We've got about 1 1/2 to 2 feet I think at this time. Here's apicture of our bird bath for an example ... I hope there's not a frozen birdie under there, LOL!

And here's where I guess the phrase "half in the bag" came from ... usually meaning drunk ... but hey who knows ...

We had our Christmas lunch at work today. I was surprised to find out one of the girls I work with every day had me in the swap ... though I thought it a little funny nobody in our area mentioned who they had, LOL!! Must've been trying to stay away from the subject all together. Another co-worker and I often discuss books and he bought me the first two Raymond Feist Magician novels, that was very sweet and a nice surprise. He also got very thoughtful (and funny) gifts for a few other people.

I did not finish the things I was making for Christmas gifts and I don't see it happening in the next 4 days! I was making a pair of socks for my boyfriend and a hooded scarf for my mom, neither of which are anywhere near completed. I also wanted to finish the socks I am making for a co-worker by today, but that didn't happen either. I am hoping to finish the second sock by next week anyway since I have 4 days off from work in a row.

Sunday we are going up to the White Mountains to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend's family. I am brining my camera and hope to get some nice pictures of snow for my friend in England. She loves the stuff, but I keep telling her, yeah its pretty when its an inch or two ... but try shoveling a few times or sliding off the road in your car and you won't think its so great anymore. I tell ya the next time she's over here in winter, I am making her shovel my driveway and we'll see how much she likes snow after that!!

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