Saturday, December 15, 2007

What to do ...

This is what I've felt like a lot lately ... a Grinch. No Christmas spirit, blah, blah. I started cleaning out some old clothes in the closet and drawers today. I feel so claustrophobic in the winter. I feel a bit better now that there's less clutter in here, but not quite done yet. I still have a lot of paper clutter in my file cabinet and around my desk I need to deal with. I think that will help me not to feel so down and dreary through the winter months if I get rid of some physical clutter around here.

We went to the grocery store today just to pick up a few items for the ball game tomorrow ... again, just to pick up a few items ... well everyone else was there in a PANIC because there is a snow storm coming. It was so busy that the manager had to institute a line system where people waited in lines in the isles with employees present, letting people know when to go to the register a few at a time to make sure there wasn't too much confusion or blockage of traffic areas at the front of the store ... yikes! We made sure to only have 15 items so that we could go through the quick lane. It was actually quite funny, the manager was on the loud speaker, "Everyone please give me your attention, ma'am, ma'am that's not a line, please move ... everyone not in a line please listen so you know what to do, ma'am, please ma'am, please don't yell at me ma'am I'm trying to explain" it was C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

I saw a post on Cheryl's Blog about New Year's Knitting Resolutions and thought I would come up with some of my own.

  1. Speaking of CLUTTER one of my resolutions will be to finish some projects that I have yarn on hand for before buying more large quantities or yarn. Instead of buying larger tubs to keep my stash in, LOL!!
  2. Plan ahead for gift ideas for the year and start them well in advance so that I can give them to the recipient on time. I do pretty well for children and make sure I make a size larger than the timeframe that I make it for to ensure they get some wear out of the item.
  3. I have approximately 20 skeins of sock yarn in my stash give or take a few ... I should probably make socks out of those before buying any more, but I am such a sucker for sock yarn!
  4. Finish afghan started in Sept. 2006.

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im grinchie too bah humbug