Saturday, November 3, 2007

WW Coffee Swap Topic #1

When did you first start drinking coffee? What age were you? Was it about the caffeine, or do you love the taste and smell? Tell us how your passion began!

I started drinking coffee in high school (I must've been 15 or 16), all of us hung out at a Dunkin' Donuts that was open 24 hours (I think it still is, but I don't stand around in parking lots at 2am now that I'm in my late 20s, LOL). I used to drink it with extra cream and extra sugar, but I don't remember if they had flavored coffee back then. I think if I ordered xtra, xtra now I would be sick, LOL!! Too much sugar.

For whatever reason I usually get Hazelnut for hot coffee and French Vanilla for iced coffee.

I don't drink coffee so much for the caffeine, its really all about the taste and warmth. And of course the smell .... since there are so many yummy flavors out there!!

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