Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Regarding Socks and Methods (for Charity)

Socks on two circulars is a great method, especially since it automatically separates the instep and heel stitches easily since those are usually broken up in half in order to turn the heel, so half the stitches are already on each needle. I do have Cat Bordhi's Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, but I have not used any of her patterns in there ... yet! I started one sock from the December 2007 Issue of Knit 'n Style, which I am not sure a beginner would want to start with since it has cables and twisted stitches :o)

Socks on two circulars is probably easier than on Double Pointed Needles since you are only working one needle set at a time and the yarn is joined in the round between the needles to produce a round piece at the end, just like any other sock. Cat Bordhi has several little videos on You Tube showing different techniques including Knitting On Two Circular Needles.

I also like Magic Loop, but from my experience I would think that 2 circs would be easier for someone that hasn't knit socks before. Especially since I have seen people in classes knit backwards on the wrong needle on this method, when you have two separate needles you are less likely to do that as long as you pay attention to which needle set you should be working from.

Here is a helpful tutorial on Knitting with Two Circular Needles. Here is another good tutorial for Socks on Two Circulars.

I learned to knit my first sock from a Knitty Gritty Episode entitled "Sock it to Me" the sock pattern and videos are on DIY. This is for DPNs, but it it with a thicker weight yarn so really easy for a beginner to pick up the techniqies. I DO NOT recommend starting socks with sock weight yarn, there are just too many things you are trying to learn at the same time, its much easier to work with and see stitches on thicker yarn and makes for much more fun!! Then of course you can move on to all the wonderful sock yarn there is out there!!

Now I am off to knit some of my socks :o)

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CharCharBinx said...

OH JOY !!! Two circulars is the happiness of my life!!!