Sunday, November 4, 2007

Another Weekend Gone ...

Another weekend gone by! They go by so quick!! I guess I will go backwards here, LOL!! Sunday I got a lot of stamping done, so I am happy about that. For my monthly stamp club our challenge was to take home a shaped card from a basket that was passed around and do something with it and bring it back to the November meeting. So here is my card. Its quite small, so there wasn't a lot of room for embellishment or stamping. The card is about 4" by 3" or so. The ribbon down the middle looks much better in person because its not squished as it is here in the scanner, LOL!

I got six more Christmas cards done today, whoo hoo! I want them all done by Dec. 1st so I can enjoy the holidays and not spend time making them so late. So far I have 12 done, they still need the verse stamped inside and the verse outside, but that's quick easy stuff.

I also got some knitting done this weekend. I worked on my Quidditch Sweater from Charmed Knits and have about 4" of the front done now ... this'll take a while to finish I am sure, LOL! Its not that slow going, its just that I knit several other things at the same time.

I added yet more sock yarn to my ever growing stash. There was another color of Tofutsies that I desperately wanted so I picked up that and I had some left over Koigu from another project so I picked up some matching solid sock yarn and think I will do a striping effect with the two and see how that comes out. Hard to see here, but the solid green matches perfectly to the green in the Koigu.

Wednesday I started a Weasley Sweater Ornament from Charmed Knits and I finished it on Saturday at the yarn store. This is for an exchange. This was a fun piece to knit, nice and quick, so total instant gratification!! I picked up some other colors to make these for gifts for various people.

Our Patriots won today! It was a close game, they were losing for most of it and came through in the end to beat the Colts. So at this time the Pats remain undefeated for the season!!!

At this point I am putting myself on a serious yarn diet! I am spending too much money and it'll take me literally a year to go through all this sock yarn!!
Here are the terms:
  1. I can only purchase yarn for gifts or swaps until January.
  2. I may purchase one skein of Artyarns Handpaint Merino once I finish the pair of socks I am knitting now.
  3. I may purchase the remaining yarn I need to complete the Quidditch Sweater I am knitting.

I have plenty of yarn in my stash, so I am really not depraving myself of knitting, LOL!!!

I cast on for the November Mystery Sock for the "Sock Knitters Anonymous" group on Ravelry. I also had cast on the October sock, but neglected to post that to the list on time, so I won't be eligible for that prize drawing, duh! This sock is coming out great so far, I am happy with it. I am using Smooshy from my stash in Ruby River. I hope the size is going to be OK, seems like a lot of stitches, but the gauge is many per inch and I knit tight so I think it'll work out OK. I was afraid going to the smaller size would result in a sock too small (I'm a size 8 which usually works out to Medium which I what I am doing for this).

And I am also on schedule for the Monthly Dishcloth Knit A Long, I always ended up missing out because by the time I had time to knit it I had already seen finished ones ... no mystery there, LOL!!!

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