Sunday, November 25, 2007

Movies, Mail and Socks ...

We went to the movies today to see Beowulf, it was really good. Since it was available in Digital 3D, that's what I opted for ... why not?!?! It was 1 hr and 53 minutes and other than my butt getting numb from sitting still for so long, I would have never known that much time went by because the cinematography was excellent and this new Digital 3D is captivating. The story was quite good and I am intrigued to look up the epic poem.

I scrapped the toe up socks and started cuff down ones. I had my coworker try the one I had completed on and I could tell that the gussett wasn't going to last long. I had trouble with it anyway and the stitches were loose, I have come to really dislike short row heels. I should have enough yarn left in the skein to complete a pair, but if not I always have the short row heel sock that I can rip and reuse.

Here's our Christmas tree! Its hard to photograph because of the windows in the background, but here it is all decked out. I didn't even have to do anything, LOL!! My boyfriend did it while I was at work. This is really more his thing though, he loves putting up the tree every year.

How on Earth does mail get this backed up in only a few weeks?!?! Honestly I went through the mail about 2 weeks ago and tossed all the junk only to end up with more in 2 weeks time. The junk we get every day is ridiculous. I really should make this a daily habit to deal with, but its so easy to just toss it onto the pile and deal with when I am looking for bills that need to be paid.

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