Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cuffs, cuffs everywhere and not a single toe ...

Well one toe, LOL!! I am up to my eyeballs in socks at the moment! I have so many sock projects going because I just love socks! The yarn, the possibilities ... its endless! Here's what I am working on at the moment:

The November Mystery Sock for the Ravelry Group by Mona. This is the third time I have cast on this sock, but I am determined to do it! The first time I started on the recommended size 0 needles for the ribbing and the small size ... why I did this I am not sure. For all other garments I am a small ... but I wear a size 8 shoe ... duh that's not small. So after seeing how small the cuff was coming out I frogged it and went to the size medium ... still on size 0 though. After making a mistake or not (I am still not sure if I did make a mistake) but after frogging back and not being able to get the stitches back on the needles, it didn't matter if I had made a mistake or not.

So I had to start over yet again. This time I did on size 1 needles and with metal ones. There are a lot of K2tog and SSK and I am a tight knitter so I was getting worried when I saw my bamboo needles flexing and bending, LOL! I am on bamboo size 2 now and those feel comfortable. The gauge is 7.5 on the larger needles and I am usually more around 8 on size 2, so I am glad I moved up in size from 0, 1.5 to 1, 2 respectively. This is a terrible picture and doesn't do the pattern or yarn justice, but I will take a better one once I have more of the sock done.

Here's the one toe mentioned above! I finished one of the child 2-4 years sock. It came out really good and I really like the pattern. The pattern was in the Oct. 2007 issue of Knit 'N Style magazine. It did not call for this yarn, but I subsituted Nature Spun Sport 100% Wool since it had the same gauge and I had some in my stash! The pattern is on 4 DPNs but I am doing it on Magic Loop instead. I hope to have time to make a few more child sizes and adult for Christmas gifts.

Here's my Jaywalker sock that is actually starting to look like a Jaywalker! I really like this pattern, but these have been on the back burner since I have so many other socks going and some I want to finish as gifts. The yarn is Opal.

This is my first sock on two circulars and the yarn is Tofutsies. I really like this yarn, the color and texture is just fantastic. Its a little tricky if you split it on the needles, but it doesn't happen too much if you are paying attention well :o) These are also on the back burner due to all of the other socks I am working on at the moment.

Here is some yarn I picked up the other day to make house socks for my boyfriend. I thought this color was very "guy" like, LOL!! I am going to make him some socks on size 5 needles using Magic Loop. I have not used Patons Classic Wool for anything in the past, but it feels pretty good, comes in a range of colors and is affordable :o) So I will see how it works out for socks. I also thought this color would make excellent hunting socks for my good friend ... but um hunting season is NOW and he's out there NOW. Why do we think of presents at the TIME they are needed and not before, isn't that always the way?!?!

And these beauties are my "Bride of Frankenstein" tvyarn by White Oak Studios for Bellatrix socks. I so LOVE the green in this yarn, combined with the orange, black and purple it feels so Halloween to me and I love Halloween and the colors associated with it! I wanted to do Bellatrix socks, but just didn't know what colors to use and I think this yarn will fit that pattern perfectly!

And now on to my non knitting life :o) Today I caught up on movies ... that I have had since February and May ... OMG!! I just looked up the dates on my Netflix account. Yikes! Anyway, I watched Permanent Record with Keanu Reeves, a very old 80's movie. It was actually very good. I like Keanu, especially his older stuff and this one was good. I also watched Radio with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Ed Harris and it was excellent! What a tear jerker ... for good feelings and sad. I loved it.

So all and all I had a good Saturday. It sure is chilly outside, I think the high was 37 degrees. It was nice and sunny though. I sat around the house in sweats all day watching movies and knitting in between. I have come to find that if I am not knitting, its a good movie, LOL!! If I start knitting ... well its a boring movie.

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