Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Firestarter

This is my frist Firestarter, I chose this yarn specifically for this pattern. I like this yarn, not sure if its the yarn or how it was wound (because I know the lady at the store was new and had a lot of trouble with the swift) but I keeps tangling in the ball and I have to cut and attach a new strand - after getting frustrated enough to cut once I try to untangle for several minutes.

Other than that, I am loving this pattern. Its a little confusing at times and I've had to un-knit a few rows and start again two or three times, but I think the second sock will go really well.

I was worried the sock may be a little loose, but the gauge averages correctly and I think once the leg is done with ribbing it'll hold up on my leg and take up the slack in the heel that's there now.

I did Judy's Magic Cast On for the toe instead of the provisional cast on called for in the pattern. I like this toe alot, its very clean and looks much nicer.


Bubblesknits said...

I like the colors! Don't you hate those tangles? I had a lady wind a skein so fast once that she actually snapped the yarn when it got caught up in the swift. They still charged me for it, too. :-(

Angela said...

Actually, now that you mention it, she did break this yarn, I have another small ball because she did that. I was at the yarn store Sat. and this same lady still hasn't gotten the hang of it, she was all tangled up in someone's yarn on the swift!! If I see her I won't have her wind another ball for me!!!

Tama said...

I just love that yarn! and the pattern is perfect for it.

Linda said...

I did the Firestarters too! I do like them, although I do find them to be a bit big and floppy. And although the sock construction is fabulous, I do like something more fun on top of the foot for me to admire throughout they day LOL. Have you finished yours yet?