Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I can't believe its 2009 already! We finally closed on our house the day after Christmas ... and because of that my knitting has not been a daily habit as of late. We actually appreciate the beauty of snow now that we have some land to enjoy it on. Before snow was just a serious pain because we had to remove it from our driveway and had nowhere to put it because there was no land between units where we used to live.

Nikoh is enjoying the new house and getting into all of his usual trouble!

I am now getting back into the groove and knitting is starting up again. I was trying to finish my Quidditch sweater before we moved, but I ran out of yarn! I was on the second sleeve, on the stripe and ran out with two rows to go. So I am waiting for my LYS to find that color for me ... its grey and they were all out ... weird.

Right now I am trying to finish up a pair of socks for my friend. Its my own pattern, so once its complete I will post it. Its great for using up some left over yarn, I am usually left with about 1/2 a skein when I make a pair of socks.

We got cable hooked up this week, but the technician forgot his drill so he could not install a new connection in my computer room ... so I am sitting on my living room floor where my desktop currently is! I have to call them and have them send someone out again ... not my fault he doesn't remember his tools!!

A new project for this year will be a year in a blanket. There is a group on Ravelry. Since we moved into our house the beginning of the year, the first block I do will be a house. I think I found a great dishcloth pattern that will work well for that.

A friend's boy will be two next month and I had a pattern and yarn to make him a sweater ... I think I got yarn to make size 4-6 though to make sure that he would get some use out of it!! Plus I didn't know when I would actually finish it!! Who knows ... might be for his third birthday, hahaha!

Well I should close for now, have more boxes to go through and put things away!

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Anita said...

Congratulations on the new house!!! And your snow is beautiful!!

The cat in the frig, how funny! Looks to be having a good time though. LOL