Saturday, May 19, 2007

Springtime Knitting & Crochet Projects

I've been busy with my fingers needling away at a few projects I wanted to complete. Here are some pictures of some of my recent completions!

May 2007 - Crocheted Baby Blanket

This is a baby blanket I recently finished. This was the first crochet project I have done. I started it a while back in the Fall and it was pretty tedious to do in single crochet, so I often set it aside. A friend recenlty had a baby who was born preemie, so lucky for me he is small and I was able to finish this up and give it to him :o)

May 2007 - Knitted Baby Sweater

This was my first sweater project, so I chose a fairly simple pattern to follow. This is a newborn sweater made from Cotton Tots by Bernat. Pattern in the Summer 2007 issue of Knit Simple Magazine.

March 2007 - Preemie Beanie

This is a knitted baby hat I made for my friend's baby who was born preemie. The pattern is from the March 2007 issue of Creative Knitting Magazine and done in Pattons Grace 100% cotton yarn.

April 2007 - Chemo Cap

Every few months I knit a chemo cap and send it to a local woman who participates in Head Huggers and the caps are donated to local hospitals and oncologist's offices for people going through chemo treatment.

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