Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

I am very tired today. I worked my third shift job this weekend and got up early today to go to a knitting class, so its 6pm now and I am so ready to crash. Sometimes when I am working at the hospital answering the switchboard overnight, when I go to the rest room down the hall it makes me think of Halloween and Michael Myers in the institution ... some days I am so tired I think, go ahead, come and get me at least then it would be over, hahahaha!!!

I am taking a 2 socks on 2 circulars class. I took this before but tried it on one long circular and it didn't work out so well, the yarn kept getting tangled, I kept knitting the sock inside out and twisting it, etc. So I wanted to give it another try, I am a better knitter in general now so I think that will help. The 2 circulars instead of one makes a HUGE difference too.

I got a better picture of the Hypnosis pattern from The Eclectic Sole.

I started the gloves my friend wanted and got a lot done this weekend, but noticed that the thumb gussett increases threw the pattern stitch off, so I ripped it back and took it with me today for help. The instructor suggested something that I am going to try and see if that works better. In the pattern you cannot see the gussett so its unclear how they worked around it or if it looked bad there too!

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Tama said...

I like that sock pattern!! very cool.