Sunday, August 24, 2008


At what point does a WIP (work in progress) become a UFO (unfinished object)? I wonder this sometimes, I guess once you decide you are not going to finish it and use the yarn for something else its a UFO? I like to think of them all as WIPs because generall what I don't plan on finishing I rip out, LOL!

I am doing well on my 2 socks on 2 circulars, I am past the heel and am working on the gussett decreases at the moment, they are really coming along nicely. I do like this method and even took them with me today to a big family outing that was at a banquet center with softball, mini golf, etc. so it was a causal place I got to sit outside at a picnic table and knit for a while.

I pulled out my WIP bag which is a large plastic linen storage bag and saw some yarn I got for a scarf that I totally forgot about, LOL! I really need to make some sort of list or something of the projects that I want to do and where the patterns are. I do keep a 3-ring binder with working copies (or the original if it came alone) in there with things that I want to do in the future, but sometimes I see things in magazines and don't want to bother copying the pattern at this time since I won't be working on it right away anyway ...and buy the yarn and stash it and then forget about it, hahaha! How do you keep your patterns and future projects organized??

I have several things on the needles at the moment that I want to get finished up soon so that I can finish up some things for Christmas and gifts.

  1. Yarn Smackdown socks - Hopefully I can get these finished before I get killed, LOL!
  2. Diane's Gloves - Vintage 1940s pattern that had me guessing a few times. I have one glove almost done.
  3. Derek's Scarf - started last winter, would be nice to finish before this winter!
  4. Mom's Scarf - also started last winter.
  5. Marion Socks - Socks for my MIL, want to complete for Christmas.
  6. Quidditch Sweater - for myself, would like to finish so I can wear it this year.
  7. Alpaca Scarf - something I wanted to try using two strands of yarn.
  8. Drawstring bag - Just something to work on for fun with Meditation yarn.
  9. Reversible Cable Scarf - in Ultra Alpaca for myself.
  10. Panda Cotton Socks
  11. Peppermint Twist Socks
  12. Art Yarns Socks

And lets not mention the many skeins of yarn I have stashed for various other projects, hahahaha!!

I am going to try and finish whatever is on needles at the moment before starting anything new unless its for a class. Then I can start on the other projects that I have yarn set aside for!

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Anita said...

I used to keep all my patterns & type of yarn I had for it in a notebook... that got to be confusing, so now I put the yarn & pattern (or a note of where the pattern is, like what book) in a bag. One bag per project... I have plenty of yarn that I have purchased for this project or that, and now have no idea what I bought it for! LOL

Your socks are looking great!