Saturday, November 1, 2008

Drowning in Stash

I went through (some of) my yarn stash today and updated Ravelry. I know there must be more around here somewhere, I remember some other skeins I had and they weren't with these ones ... where they are, I don't know.

Is it bad I am more concerned with packing and moving my stash then anything else if we ever hear we are getting this house?!?! We are waiting for the bank that currently owns it to approve the short sale. But I am more concerned with my craft stash then packing anything else, LOL!!


Anita said...

It's all so pretty! And if you ask me, you've got your priorities straight.... gotta get that stash to the new house safely! LOL

Tama said...

Ooooo Pretty yarn! I am drooling on my keyboard.

Ya, the yarn was my #1 concern when we moved. #1 to get packed carefully and #1 to get unpacked, sorted, and put away so I could find it. After all--home isn't home until all of the yarn is found and put where I can get into it at will.