Saturday, November 8, 2008

Socks, socks and more socks ...

We're still waiting to hear about the short sale purchase. The bank has had the paperwork for 4 weeks now. I did get something to sign the other day regarding the fact that we don't know these people, and its a legitimate sale. So at least that's something. I really want to move before it snows! Or we need to get oil for heat where we are now. I am really looking forward to more space and a place where I can actually have my stash yarn out where I can see it, instead of stored in tubs.

I've been making progress on some socks I've been working on. I also have 1/2 a sleeve for my Quidditch sweater and hope to have that finished up this year.

I finished one Rivendell sock a few weeks ago, I didn't start the other one yet because I wanted to get a pair done for a Christmas gift first, so I will be doing the mate very soon. This pattern is very pretty. Once they are both done I am going to try and fix the holes that formed where stitches were picked up, etc. because of the twisted stitches, I think they make the gaps look bigger. My home made sock blocker doesn't do the pattern justice, LOL!! Its a little mishapen.

This is a close up of the pattern on the leg.

I am making these socks for my MIL for Christmas as a surprise. The first one was done in a week, which is exceptional for me, although I found out if its plain Stockinette, I can watch TV and not look at what I am doing, that makes for much quicker knitting!! I am going to rip out the heel turn and redo it on the second sock, the stripes are off a row or two and I want them to match up as best they can.

This is a last ditch effort to fix these socks so that I wear them. I love the socks, just not toe, its too pointy and tight. I blocked the Rivendell one for a day or two and it fit much better, so I am going to try blocking these and see if the toe fits better. I could wash them, but was afraid if I did want to rip out the toes and redo them it would make that all the more difficult.

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Tama said...

Hey, I have a solution for your house problem---you can buy mine! I really need to get it sold!

Your socks all look great!