Sunday, June 15, 2008

Its already June?!?!

I finished one Firestarter sock last night, just need to weave in the ends. This was a really interesting pattern. I made a few modifications, Judy's Magic Cast On for the toe and then I increased to the correct number of stithces. I want to start the second sock today for two reasons - I don't foget the things that I changed and so I don't end up with the dreaded second sock syndrome!

I applied for another position at the company I work for, its very similar to what I do now, but its a step up and has more opportunity for growth and advancement, if I stay in the position I am in now there's little room for growth. I've been there two years now and I'm hitting the boredom point (doesn't take much for me) but I would like to stay with the company and keep my benefits and vacation time growing!

I watched True Romance the other day - the first movie written by Quinten Tarantino, it was excellent if you like those types of movies. I think today we are going to see the new Indiana Jones at the theater.

I can't believe its June already! I need to get working on my gift knits! I did not finish the baby blanket for the shower, so I think I will complete that for Christmas and give it to my friend instead (or any time really I don't need excuses to give baby knits, LOL).

I am going to focus on my gift knits now that only half the year is left!

1. Mom - Hodded Scarf
2. Diane - Gloves
3. Marion - Socks
4. Derek - Scarf

So if I finish one item per month I'll be done my October, LOL! - yeah right.

Gee - I wonder why my eyes were watering ... here's my yellow ... er I mean BLACK truck with pollen all over it ... it has since seen the care wash :o)


Anita said...

I really like that sock pattern, very interesting.

I know how you feel, I have a list a mile long for gifts, etc.... I'll never get them all done! :)

Tama said...

Good luck with that gift list. I haven't even thought about my gifts for this year yet. I guess I better get busy or I will never finish any!