Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saucy Seduction Socks ...

I finished the first sock for this pattern this morning while at work. I made a boo-boo though that I will have to repeat on the second one so that they match, but I learned something for the future.

This pattern called for 56 stitches, my foot size is usually 64 and I think after trying this on that 56 really would have been too few. So I added stitches to the instep, but kept the heel flap the same so that the instep stitches had the correct multiple for the pattern.

My mistake was that I didn't move the markers for the toe and do the decreases in the center of each half of the stitches, so the bottom decreased quicker and the closure was more towards the bottom of the foot. To help correct this I ripped out the kitchener since it looked really weird and instead just pulled the yarn through the stitches and pulled tight to close. That worked much better for both look and comfort.

I really like this pattern and if I do it again will make sure to do the toe correctly. Hey, that's what knitting is all about, learning!!

This yarn is Comfort Sock by Berocco and "comfort" really is a good description! The yarn is nylon and acrylic, but its super soft and squishy. Really is comfortable on the foot.


Anita said...

Sock looks great even if it does have a booboo in it! I would never be able to tell looking at it! :) I love that pattern!

Anonymous said...

Good looking socks! I love the pattern. :-)