Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thoughts ...

No pictures today, nothing to post pics of. I cleaned out the dining room today in preparation for moving / people looking at this place. I use the table to do rubber stamping and had all of my supplies there. No problem for me, its all organized and in plastic containers, but I am sure other people won't think that's so cool. So now its all in a closet in the bedroom.

Two people are having babies in June at work. I am hoping to knit a diagonal blanket for one (have left over yarn from another project I think will work well for this) and crochet another for the other person with yarn I have in my stash. Let's see if I can get both done by June and get my sock knitting and other stuff done, LOL!

While getting all of this cleaning done I think I need to buy another plastic tub or two for yarn and other miscellaneous craft items (felt, google eyes, ribbon, etc.). I also have to go through my enormous book stash and get rid of some of those. Any Janet Evanovich fans out there?? I've got a couple of her books I've read that I would part with.

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Tama said...

Good luck with having all that knitting done by June! I always plan stuff like that--with every intention of really doing it--and then "LIFE" happens. Hope moving goes well!