Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wahoo Wednesday!

Bags, bags everywhere! I have all of my WIPs in plastic zip-lock bags to 1) keep them clean; 2) keep them contained; and 3) keep a copy of the pattern with the materials. Also the bags are portable if I want to bring a project with me somwhere. These bags are all in a shallow box in the bedroom ... baby kitty keeps jumping in them in the middle of the night or 4AM and scaring the wits out of me. So I decided that I must do something with them .... ultimately FINISH the projects, but until that time I wanted somewhere else to put them.

Hopefully we are moving in the near future to a house with a nice yard and far away from the psycho next door with her outside phone calls and now THREE barking dogs used to be one that was bag enough ... and I LIKE dogs. Anyway ...

I was cleaning out one of the bedroom closets in preparation for hopefully moving one day in the near future and I of course don't want to move a bunch of junk that's been collecting over the years. Well this cleaned out a nice little spot for my WIPs in bags!

Soon I hope to go through the yarn in my stash and put patterns with the yarns that I bought for a specific purpose before I forget, LOL!

P.S. I went to my LYS today and didn't buy anything!!! It felt so good. I am trying to save money to move into a house so this is really important to me :o)


Tama said...

I don't know that I have ever had the fortitude to go into my LYS and not buy any yarn. Unfortunately, if I can squeeze the yarn and pet the yarn it usually comes home with me. I'm usually pretty safe with internet shopping though.

Anita said...

I see the organizing bug has hit you too! :) Good luck with moving, it's a pain but soooo worth it once you get to your new home!