Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sweet Saturday

I started one of the baby blankets that I plan on making for June. This one is also going to get rid of some stash! I have four colors of Cotton Ease that I used for make the Color Block Baby Sweater earlier this year and then I had another two colors hanging around in my stash. I am doing 10 rows of the colors that have been used before and 20 rows of the skeins that are new, and hoping that I don't run out of any, LOL! The colors are not showing up well in this photo. The redish color is terracotta and goes well with the other colors but is showing up funky here.

This is something else I picked up again recently. Its a simple drawstring bag that I started back in July of last year, the yarn is meditation and its infused with lavendar. Its a very cool yarn to work with. I have a copy of the pattern in the baggie with the project and I laughed when I picked it up again because I wrote on the paper what a yarn over is ... so obviously this was one of the first projects I started using yarn overs, LOL!

This is another project I would like to finish up soon. This is a tank top that I started last yearn in the Spring ... intending to be able to wear it last summer ... yeah right.

I'm starting to find its really quite a pain when stuff is left like this, luckily most of these projects I ended on sections that said, knit until piece measures x inches from beginning. I usually try and write down what row I am on, but not for stuff like this for obvious reasons - I can just measure to figure out where I am, picking stuff up after so long is hard to start again for certain patterns.
We had lovely weather today, but my allergies were really bad. I love the Spring, but my nose and eyes disagree!


Tama said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who starts "seasonal" projects only to finish them a year or so later. And the allergy thing.....I am with you on that. We have had a beautiful warm day, but the breeze is carrying pollen all over.

Anonymous said...

Zyrtec is knocking the edge off my allergies, but just barely. I'll be glad when the pollen eases off. :-) I've heard of yarn having aloe in it, but the lavender is a great idea, too.