Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gray Day ...

Its a gray rainy day today. Started with thunder and lightening about 5:30am that woke me up ... good thing its Sunday, LOL! I could go back to sleep and wake up later.

I got some stamping done today. I have officially completed two Christmas cards to date and have 10 more stamped out. Some still need to be bleached, but that's a fairly quick process (just kind of stinky and I have to do the spraying background part in the bathroom so I don't accidently bleach anything in the dining room). Assembling the layered pieces is what takes all the time. Directly under the reindeer is a gold mirricard layer that is really pretty, but not showing up well in this scan.

Both image stamps are by Outlines Rubber Stamps. I love all of their stuff and have quite a few of their stamps. The impressions are great and I just love the images.

Also started Halloween cards. I won't be making many of these, they are fun, but really time consuming - and I don't know that many people that love Halloween as much as I do! I think for the swap for Stamp Club I will be making more of a Fall themed card rather than Halloween, not sure yet what I am going to do for that, have to dig through my stamps and supplies and see what I have on hand.

Went to the yarn store yesterday for about 5 hours, completed a finishing technique and picking up stitches that I wanted help with for a project I am doing for the Hogwart's Sock/Scarf kit swap and I think I have decided on the yarn that I am going to get my partner for that.

Saw some really cool sock yarn by Filatura Di Crosa called Maxime Print. Comes in really cool colors that stripe and have faux fair isle striping as well. Also saw a new worsted weight wool by Frog Tree that felt super soft.

I will be at the yarn store every Wednesday evening from 9/12 to 10/31 (excluding 10/3 - which is good because I have Stamp Club this evening) for classes, I am so excited!!

I spent some time today making working copies of patterns in magazines so that I could organize them (and not forget what magazine they are in) and which ones I have yarn on hand for, which ones have deadlines, etc. I actually need a 1 1/2" three-ring binder because I have so many current projects and things I am to do asap ... yikes!!

If you haven't yet seen Knit Picks new Harmony Interchangable Wood Needles, you have to check them out. They are color dyed wood and are so cool looking.


Dr. Purl said...

I can't wait to get some of those needles! I think I am going to add it to my christmas wish list.

CelticMommy said...

I love your two cards! Both look like you've put a lot of love into them.

I also love that first link to the yarn... why did I click on it?!!
Have a great day!