Sunday, September 2, 2007

Over the river and through the woods ...

And onto the highway and subway and back again, LOL! Today my mom and I went into Boston to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Its so much easier to take mass transit than to drive into town sometimes (and probably way less in gas for my truck!!).

After getting off the subway and walking down the street a bit we saw this lovely waterway with some Canadian geese swimming and floating around.

Then we arrived at our destination. There is a lovely garden in the middle of the building which has a glass roof three stories up. Unfortunately to preserve the artwork, no pictures are allowed inside the museum.

The museum was quite nice. Small in terms of the stuff around here, but very nice for a day trip - not too exhausting to walk around. We ate in the cafe and it was excellent!

After we toured the museum we walked along Huntington Avenue since it was so lovely outside. Look at the beautiful blue sky! The temperature was high 70s - so very nice.

Here's an information map of the area. Amazing to see how much stuff is packed into such a small area!

Especially this particular section which is home to several museums and several very large college campuses.

This area is home to a lot of the colleges in Boston, including Wentworth Institute and Northeastern University. And the streets were packed today with all of the college students moving in!

This is the Museum of Fine Arts. We went here a few months ago to see an Asian Calligraphy exhibition that was just amazing. There were all these scrolls a few FEET long covered with painstakingly perfect chinese calligraphy.

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