Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Oooh La La

Wasn't that a song, or were they saying "someday"?!?! Anyway updates on my progress for knitting and swap. Eeek! I wanted to have the fingerless gloves for BF's mom done before we went up to the mountain to visit them and hang out Columbus Day Weekend, but it doesn't look like that will happen. Maybe I will have them done for Christmas or I will just mail them to her when done (she knows nothing about them).

Swaps are going pretty well, I don’t think I will do so many intricate things in the future though. I am still working on the bag for the Hogwart’s swap. Here’s a sneak peek without giving it away to my pal. I have yarn and some goodies already and there’s just a few other things including the needles that I have to get. I also wanted to make some other goodies, but I will have to see how time works out for me.

I went to the second class for the Magic Loop Socks at my LYS last Wednesday. Because I am doing two at the same time I was not at the point of turning the heel yet so I still have a ways to go. I have done this type of heel before though on DPNs so I think I can do it myself if I get that far before the last class. We are skipping this week and the last class is on Oct. 10th. So I think I will be done with the heel by then. If not at least I got what I needed out of the class and can do them myself for the most part. Plus I can always go there and get help whenever I need it anyway – they are very helpful for any projects.

I do like the Magic Loop Method and ripped out the Jaywalker socks that I had started on DPNs (no big deal it was only about ¼ to ½” of the ribbing, LOL) and I am going to make them one at a time on this method.

I finished the design for the contest for Hogwart’s – yippee! It was a lot of fun designing a pattern. I think it came out good. I came up with other ideas as I was going along, but due to time constraints I just stuck with my original plan and may make other ones in the future.

I started a dishcloth for the Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Exchange but it wasn’t coming out how I anticipated so I have scrapped it and will start another one soon – have the pattern and yarn, just need to cast on! I have already got a bunch of stuff for this swap and just need to get yarn and edible goodies closer to the mailing date and this one will be all set!
I sent out the stitch markers that I made for the Stitch Marker Exchange on Tuesday of last week and am waiting to receive the ones that are being sent to me :o)

I learned something yesterday while binding off the dishcloth I designed. Usually I bind off too tight, so I use a larger needle size and that works fine. Well I learned some new cast on techniques recently so I used the Knit Cast On instead of the long tail that I usually do. I knit tight, hence the bind off problem … well if I use a KNIT cast on … it will be tight, LOL!!! I bound off so loose compared to the cast on that I had to rip it out and bind off intentionally tight, LOL!! Note to self, probably can’t use the knit cast on or maybe also use larger needles for cast on as well as bind off!

I have to make Halloween cards today for the swap for Stamp Club this week .... I usually do NOT wait this long to do this kind of stuff, but oh well. At least I have an idea ... just hope it works out well the first time, LOL!!

I watched Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse yesterday (again). Not sure if we are going to see the newest one in the theater - doubt it, will probably just wait for it to come out on DVD.

I am reading Prey by Michael Crichton, God Emporer of Dune by Frank Herbert and Eldest by Christopher Paolini. Also picked up two knitting books at the library Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook and Odd Ball Knitting. I really like Odd Ball Knitting and I think I will purchase it at some point. The sock workbook I haven't had a lot of time to look at yet, but it seems to have really good info at getting socks that fit.

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