Monday, October 1, 2007

Dishcloth Swap Topic #4

Are there any recipes you especially enjoy having in the Fall? Any foods that are seasonal that you especially enjoy?

The colder weather makes me want to have soups and hot foods more. I love chowder - corn, clam, anything with potatoes. I also found an excellent pot roast from a co-worker that is super easy to make:

There's only two of us so I get a 2 lb pot roast but this can be done with any size, just increase the soup. 3 cans Cream of Mushroom soup. In crock pot put roast and 2 cans soup. Cook on low overnight (12 hours). 1 hour or so prior to serving add the last can (found this out myself, makes for a much creamier gravy). Serve with mashed potatoes and other veggie.

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mamarara said...

That sounds so good !!!