Thursday, October 25, 2007


I received my Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth Swap package from Cheryl today! It was full of super cool stuff. There was a dishcloth she knit, its an awesome on the bias cloth with a loop for hanging too!! A lovely soap bag in my favorite color of purple! White Cheddar Cheez-Its ... not sure how she knew, but I LOVE them!! Two take out style containers of Halloween theme - one contained a skein of yarn and the other the most AWESOME Halloween socks EVER!!! There's no doubt I will be wearing those next Wednesday!!! Also enclosed was a magnet list pad - I use those all the time for shopping, and a little wire bound notebook, those I love to carry around to the yarn shops to jot down info and an orange and black candle holder, can't wait to try it out and an awesome candy jar, FULL of Hershey kisses no less!!!

Here is a close up of the cloth, soap - which is Candy Apple from Sharon's Soaps 'N Stuff and the yarn I received, which I LOVE - Classic Elite Yarns "Flash" in a lovely two tone twist of sage green. Thank you Cheryl! I love everything!!

On to other news :o) I bought yet another skein of sock yarn last night at the yarn store while I was there for Charmed Knits ... hey, who can pass up a NEW ADDITION to the store that is only $12 and makes a pair of socks?!?! They only had 6 skeins and between the members of the class, it was all sold out! It is On Your Toes by Kertzer - it has aloe vera in it and I got "Blue Print" for the color.

Because I have so much sock yarn, I have been busy perusing the net and magazines for sock patterns to use it up! So far I have:

  • Peppermint Twist in Knit 'N Style Dec. 07 issue for my Tofutsies
  • Purl Lace Socks in Knit 'N Style Dec. 07 issue for my Alpaca Sox
  • Fawkes from for my Cherry Tree Hill
  • Eleanor on for my Socks that Rock

Those are definites, there are others I am tossing around, but haven't yet decided on :o)

I won the dishcloth design contest over at Hogwart's Sock/Scarf Kit Swap 3!! You can find the pattern here.

I finished the bag and the other item that I was making for this swap and have it all boxed up!! I hope if I get to work early enough tomorrow I can get to the Post Office before they close and get it on its way!

Speaking of Hogwart's and Harry Potter - I picked up yarn to make the sweater tree ornaments (Jo Sharp DK Wook in a green and burn orange color) that are in Charmed Knits and I hope to get a few of those done before Christmas for various people. At least I can finish a garment of that scale, LOL!!!

I received 2 of 3 stitch marker sets, this set was from Robyn. They are lovely hematite healing beads (which I found out from Robyn) which is so cool!! I love them, thanks Robyn!!


CharCharBinx said...

Angela - we must officially now be blog friends. Things I <3 about you - you stopped in traffic to save a turtle. you are in MA which was my home away from home in my youth. you made a pumpkin dishcloth for your partner in our fall swap and I did too. : )
Its destiny!

mamarara said...

I am so glad that you liked everything. It has been a pleasure.