Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Crazy Sock Lady

Self proclaimed "Crazy Sock Lady" anyway. I now have a sock on the needles in every method possible ... and if there's another one, please let me know, because I will probably try that one too, LOL!! Today I cast on my Tofutsies for the Peppermint Twist Socks from the December Issue of Knit 'N Style magazine. I had this on my to do list anyway, but there is a group on Ravelry that has contests each month and the one for the upcoming month is any pattern by Nancy Bush or anything with cables ... well viola ... this pattern has cables, LOL!!

This is my first dealing with knitting socks on two circular needles and I like it so far (I don't think there is a method that I don't like). I am using size 2 24" circulars from Knit Picks and they work great.

The other methods I am currently doing are DPN Toe Up socks, DPN Cuff Down Socks and Magic Loop Socks.

Here's an update on my Ridiculous Sock Yarn Stash!

1. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Peacock Multi - Magic Loop
2. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Meadow Multi
3. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Pine - Vinnland
4. (2) Knit Picks Essentials - Dusk
5. (2) Knit Picks Memories - Uzume
6. (1) Opal - Jaywalkers
7. (1) Trekking XXL - Baby Backwards Rib
8. (1) Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox - Fruit Salad - Purl & Lace Socks Knit 'N Style
9. (1) Socks that Rock - Fire on the Mountain - Eleanor
10. (1) Smooshy - Ruby River
11. (1) Art Yarns
12. (2) Regia - Horcrux Socks
13. (1) Sockotta
14. (1) Cherry Tree Hill - Maple Sugar - Fawkes
15. (1) TV Yarn - Meduim
16. (1) Tofutsies - Peppermint Twist
17. (1) On Your Toes
18. (1) Universal Yarn Wisdon Yarns Marathon New York

I have many, many sock patterns that I have been going through trying to match them up to yarn. I have a few done already, but many more to go through.

Lime & Violet has a wonderful tutorial on sock knitting if you haven't tried it yet. Though beware, you will become an addict!!

I also found a blog of a woman in the Ravelry group I was talking about up above who has tutorials on designing your own socks!! This is awesome because I plan on doing that in the near future myself and this is very helpful to me.


(Yarndemon) Anita said...

I love knitting socks on 2 circulars!! I don't think I'll go back to the double points now... those knit picks needles are great aren't they?!

Mad Ethel Vane said...

Arrr Matey !
How goes it - Iron Anne Bonney!

Hehehe yes - I do love pirates salem and socks ! This is a great post. I have been wanting to do some socks and totally intimidated.

Prison Break - oh be still my heart - I he-geeked Dominic

Anita said...

Thanks for commenting on my finished socks... I like the self striping yarns but I wasn't crazy about the large areas of solid on my socks... oh well you just never know.

I could have waited on my hubby to get home to help with the photos, but I'm just impatient most of the time. :)

I think my sock yarn stash is almost ready to rival yours! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela!!
I love the updated of your sock stash..
Great yarns! Looking forward to seeing your progress with them..
I'll be in touch very soon!
Your SP!